How many rummy nose tetras should be kept together?

How many rummy nose tetras should be kept together?

Rummy nose tetras should be kept in groups. They are used to living with lots of their own kind, so buy at least 6. When kept on their own, they can get stressed and become easy targets for boisterous fish.

What fish can live with rummy nose?

Many fish can be kept with rummy-nose tetras, some including smaller gourami, tetras, barbs, danios, Australian rainbows, and various catfish, such as Ancistrus. The rummy-nose tetra cannot be kept with other popular ornamental fishes, such as African cichlids, as they occupy very different water parameters.

Is rummy nose a hardy fish?

Hardiness. Are rummy nose tetras hardy? While well cared for, well fed rummy nose tetras are hardy, they are sensitive to drastic shifts in their water conditions. You will notice that if your fish are stressed, their color will fade.

How big do rummy nose tetras get?

Social behavior: Peaceful, schooling/shoaling. Origin: Tank-bred, but indigenous to South America. Average adult size: 1 – 1.5 inches (2.5 – 3.8 cm) Average purchase size: 1/2 – 1 inch (1.3 – 2.5 cm)

Are rummy nose tetras active?

Rummy Nose tetras are a peaceful species that does well in a community tank setup. These fish are happiest in shoals of seven to ten individuals. Also, a school of these active, brightly colored fish really makes your aquarium shine!

Are rummy nose tetras sensitive?

Rummy nose tetras are very sensitive to changes in the environment so as an aquarist if you can be very observant, you will know when there are issues in the aquarium. For example, when the aquarium has excess biological wastes, the red color around the eyes the of rummy nose tetras become high in intensity.

Do rummy nose tetras nip fins?

They dont follow him around or chase him, when he swims close by them sometimes one will get distracted and slowly follow then have a little nip. General research shows that Rummy Nose Tetras are usually compatible with Bettas so I dont know why mine are nipping him, but there isnt much I can do about it.

Can rummy nose tetras live with neon tetras?

No they don’t school together. The Neons group together and the Rummys group together. Still, their little clusters are nice to watch. They all join ranks sometimes to feed or just to swim around.