Can a newborn be too sleepy?

Can a newborn be too sleepy?

Yes, a baby can sleep too much, whether she’s a newborn or an older baby. But in general, a newborn who sleeps all day is more of a potential concern than an older baby who’s sleeping too much, which typically only happens when she’s sick or has had an extra busy day.

Is my newborn lethargic or sleepy?

Lethargic or listless babies appear to have little or no energy. They are drowsy or sluggish. They may also sleep longer than usual. They may be hard to wake for feedings and even when awake, are not alert or attentive to sounds and visual cues.

How can you tell if a newborn is lethargic?


  1. Your young child is lethargic if she stares into space or won’t smile. She won’t play at all or hardly responds to you. Your child is too weak to cry or hard to wake up. These are serious symptoms.
  2. Note: Sleeping more when sick is normal. When awake, your child should be alert.

How long does sleepy newborn stage last?

Newborns need regular feeding, so they usually sleep in short periods. Newborns sleep in short bursts, known as sleep cycles which are usually around 20 to 50 minutes long.

Why is my newborn so sleepy today?

If you’re dealing with an overly sleepy baby, you’ll first need to make sure there are no medical issues causing them to sleep all the time. Jaundice, infections, and any medical procedures, such as circumcision, can make your baby sleepier than usual. Your pediatrician will check if your baby is gaining enough weight.

Do babies sleep more during a growth spurt?

Just before and during a growth spurt, your baby may sleep more than usual. Waking up less at night or taking longer naps may be signs that she’s channeling her energy into growing. One small study suggested that during a growth spurt, babies may sleep up to four and half hours more than usual over one or two days.

Why is my baby sleeping so much all of a sudden?

Is a 3 hour nap too long baby?

Is a 3 hour nap too long? While it can feel strange, waking a baby from a 3-hour nap is definitely okay, and considered best practice. Babies take a while to learn the skill of sleep, much like an older child is going to take a while to learn to read.

Is it OK if my newborn slept for 6 hours?

The amount of sleep an infant gets at any one stretch of time is mostly ruled by hunger. Newborns will wake up and want to be fed about every three to four hours at first. Do not let your newborn sleep longer than five hours at a time in the first five to six weeks.

Should you wake a sleeping newborn?

Newborns who sleep for longer stretches should be awakened to feed. Wake your baby every 3–4 hours to eat until he or she shows good weight gain, which usually happens within the first couple of weeks. After that, it’s OK to let your baby sleep for longer periods of time at night.

What to do when your newborn baby is sleepy?

Tickle or Touch

  • Skin to Skin
  • Diaper Change
  • Dim the Lights
  • Change Positions
  • Hand Expression. If your baby has nursed on one side,and falls asleep mid-feed,or you aren’t sure if they’ve gotten enough,you can do some hand massage on your
  • What is the most comfortable sleeping position for a newborn?

    Left side. Sleeping on your left side is often referred to as the “ideal” scenario during pregnancy.

  • Right side. So,if the left side is ideal — should you avoid the right side? Not necessarily.
  • A note about baby’s sex. You may have heard that your sleep side indicates the sex of your baby. This is just an urban legend.
  • Why is my newborn not sleeping?

    – Your newborn is hungry. This is the reason many of us jump to first when a newborn won’t sleep – and it may very well be the most common cause – Your newborn is overtired. – Your newborn is overstimulated. – Your newborn’s moro (or “startle”) reflex is making it impossible to fall asleep. – Your newborn is uncomfortable. – Your newborn needs YOU!

    Is it normal for a newborn to sleep all night?

    If your baby is sleeping a longer stretch over night and is gaining weight and contented, that’s perfectly fine. However, very few babies can sleep longer than 2 or 3 hours in the early weeks – day or night – so if you are feeling pressure around your newborn’s sleep, please relax.