How long does the second HPV vaccine last?

How long does the second HPV vaccine last?

If the first dose of any HPV vaccine was given before the 15th birthday, vaccination should be completed according to a 2-dose schedule. In a 2-dose series, the second dose is recommended 6–12 months after the first dose (0, 6–12-month schedule).

What if you miss your second Gardasil shot?

If you’re a few days late getting your second or third dose of GARDASIL®9, don’t panic. If you miss a dose, your healthcare professional will decide when to give the missed dose. Alternatively, boys and girls 9 through 14 years of age may receive 2 doses of the vaccine.

How many Gardasil shots are needed?

GARDASIL 9 is a shot that is usually given in the arm muscle. GARDASIL 9 may be given as 2 or 3 shots. *If the second shot is given earlier than 5 months after the first shot, you will need to get a third shot at least 4 months after the second shot was given.

When can I get pregnant after HPV vaccine?

Answer: There is no recommended length of time to wait before getting pregnant after receiving the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccines are not recommended for use in pregnancy because the safety of the vaccines in pregnancy has not been well studied.

Can I get GARDASIL 9 after GARDASIL 4?

If I had the Gardasil vaccinations already, do I get the new one? No. Re-vaccination with Gardasil 9 is not warranted for those who have completed the series with a different HPV vaccine.

What happens if I only get one Gardasil shot?

Several more studies have found significant effectiveness for single-dose HPV vaccination. Initial findings of modeling analyses suggest that giving one dose of HPV vaccine will yield much greater health benefits than none at all, even if the vaccine does not protect as well as two doses.

Can you get GARDASIL 9 if you got GARDASIL 4?

Yes, you can, but only your healthcare professional can tell you if GARDASIL®9 is right for you. If you’re already sexually active, you may still benefit from GARDASIL®9. Though GARDASIL®9 cannot treat an existing HPV infection, you can still benefit from GARDASIL®9 if you are already infected with one type of HPV.

Can you get Gardasil while pregnant?

The vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women. Studies show that the HPV vaccine does not cause problems for babies born to women who were vaccinated while pregnant, but more research is still needed. A pregnant woman should not get any doses of the HPV vaccine until her pregnancy is completed.