How do you make a class possessive?

How do you make a class possessive?

One answer is that the possessive form of the word class is class’s. Example: The class’s silence was due to the attention the students were giving their important math exam. Example: The classes’ teachers are meeting to discuss the budget. As a general rule, you should write what you say.

How do you explain s possessive to a child?

Point to your child’s pile and say “whose is this?” Have your child say his name with the plural ‘s (like “Andy’s”). Then, point to your own pile. Say “whose is this?” (“Mommy’s”). Make sure he gets the ‘s on there but as soon as your child starts to get this concept, go ahead and move onto step two.

How do you teach possessive nouns fun?

Possessive Nouns Slides

  1. Sentence Strip and Paper Clips. Write possessive nouns (without the apostrophe) on sentence strips.
  2. Sentence Strip Converter. Write a possessive phrase on a sentence strip.
  3. Interactive Booklets.
  4. Boom Cards.
  5. Apostrophe Work Mats.

What is the singular possessive of child?

Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns

child child’s
children children’s
girl girl’s
girls girls’

What is possessive nouns for kids?

A possessive noun is a noun that shows ownership of something. Possessive nouns are commonly created with the addition of an apostrophe and ‘s’ at the end of a noun. For example: This is the cat’s toy.

What is the possessive of child?

What is child plural?

The plural form of the noun child is: children.

What is possessive noun with example?

Plural Possessive Nouns.

  • Singular Possessive Nouns.
  • Possessive Nouns Ending in ‘s’ When a possessive noun ends in the letter ”s”,such as sisters or years,you do not need to add another ”s”.
  • What are the rules for possessive plural?

    Rule 2: When forming the possessive of a plural noun, first make certain the plural form is spelled correctly. If the plural ends in s, add an apostrophe after the s. If the plural does not end in s, add ‘s. Example: the boys’ team the children’s playroom Note: All plural rules can be accessed through Blackboard. Singular Singular

    What are some examples of possessive nouns?

    That is mine.

  • My car runs great.
  • His work is good.
  • Her diet is working.
  • The bag is hers.
  • The house is ours.
  • I see your coat. ( singular)
  • It is all yours. ( plural)