Does field Cobl-prctr exist in saplkacb 0002?

Does field Cobl-prctr exist in saplkacb 0002?

“”Field COBL-PRCTR. does not exist in the screen SAPLKACB 0002″”. The document contains an appropriate value for this field. Not sure what this means and where we should look for correction.

Is it possible to screen saplkacb 0002 in the BDC session?

we have implemented SAP note no 1427950. NO mandatory information for screen SAPLKACB 0002 in the BDC session. I Have tried with MODE = ‘E’. Gives BELOW screen where the issue is, but the screen looks ok with master data in it.

What is the difference between saplkacb 1001 and 1016?

Before upgrading in the specific posting subscreen SAPLKACB / 1001 is used. But after upgrading the subscreen SAPLKACB / 1016 is used. The screen 1016 was first delivered by SAP Note 1137272 (1.), It is a side effect of this SAP Note (2.3) As the solution , you can implement note 1668328, or use the workaround introduced in this note.