How do you handle exception initializer error?

How do you handle exception initializer error?

ExceptionInInitializerError by ensuring that static initializer block of classes does not throw any Runtime Exception. We can resolve also resolve this exception by ensuring that the initializing static variable of classes also doesn’t throw any Runtime Exception.

What is exception initializer error?

An ExceptionInInitializerError is thrown to indicate that an exception occurred during evaluation of a static initializer or the initializer for a static variable. As of release 1.4, this exception has been retrofitted to conform to the general purpose exception-chaining mechanism.

What is exception initialization?

2. The ExceptionInInitializerError. The ExceptionInInitializerError indicates that an unexpected exception has occurred in a static initializer. This way, it also maintains a reference to the actual exception as the root cause.

What is a Java Lang RuntimeException?

RuntimeException is the superclass of those exceptions that can be thrown during the normal operation of the Java Virtual Machine. A method is not required to declare in its throws clause any subclasses of RuntimeException that might be thrown during the execution of the method but not caught.

What would happen if an exception is thrown by the Finalize method?

If an uncaught exception is thrown by the finalize method, the exception is ignored and finalization of that object terminates. Any exception thrown by the finalize method causes the finalization of this object to be halted, but is otherwise ignored.

Which exception or error is thrown if there is a problem when the JVM tries to initialise a static variable or run code of a static initialisation block?

Which exception or error is thrown if there is a problem when the JVM tries to initialize a static variable or run code of a static initialization block? Explanation: Besides options b) and d), no other errors or exceptions exist as part of the standard Java classes. AssertionError is thrown in case an assertion fails.

What will happen when a garbage collection kicks off?

7. What happens to the thread when garbage collection kicks off? Explanation: The thread is paused when garbage collection runs which slows the application performance.

Does finalize method must be declared protected?

The finalize() method is not public because it should only be invoked by JVM and not by anyone else and protected so that it can be overridden by the subclasses. Java uses a finalize method for garbage collection.