How do I know what shape my ring is?

How do I know what shape my ring is?

Go for a wide oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald shape — narrow stones will make wide fingers look even wider. Cluster styles and round stones in larger settings flatter wider fingers. Choose a medium to thick band. Angular shapes and asymmetrical designs both minimize the width of the finger.

What is 88 facet diamond?

Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond; introducing one of the most brilliant cut diamonds in the world, the Goldsmiths exclusive 88 facet unique pattern adds additional facets to the bottom of diamond, creating an immense flow of light for maximum brilliance fire, scintillation and sparkle.

What are the different shapes of diamond rings?

Round: has unmatched light performance

  • Oval,marquise,pear,and heart: also in the brilliant cut family.
  • Princess: beloved for the intense sparkle it exhibits.
  • Radiant: gets the best of a few cuts to create a beautiful brilliance
  • Cushion: a popular shape,though unfortunately not as brilliant as others
  • What is the most expensive cut diamond shape?

    – Cut Quality: Ideal. In our guide to diamond cut grades, we recommend only choosing diamonds with an “Excellent” or “Ideal” cut grade. – Color: J. In our guide to diamond color, this is our recommended color for round brilliant cut diamonds set in white gold. – Clarity: SI1.

    What are the different cuts of diamond rings?

    Round brilliant-cut diamond. It is the most popular diamond shape that produces the highest brilliance level.

  • Oval cut diamond. With a similar sheen to the round diamond cut,this gem is an excellent option for you if you prefer wearing a ring with a unique
  • Princess cut diamond.
  • Marquise diamond.
  • Emerald cut diamond.
  • Cushion cut diamond.
  • What are the different diamond cuts?

    Well-Known Cuts – cut of diamonds you’re most likely to see on the market

  • Less Common Cuts – cuts of a diamond that you’ve probably heard of,but not seen too often
  • Rare Cuts – the shapes of diamond you might have heard of,but aren’t commonly used or produced any more
  • Diamond Jewelry Cuts – cuts used in pieces of fine jewelry other than rings