What colour is Willow cuprinol?

What colour is Willow cuprinol?


Application method Brush, roller or spray
Base Water-based
Colour Willow
Colour group Green
Coverage 12m²

What shade is Willow?

Willow is an elegant and graceful shade of green that brings nature into your garden.

How long do cuprinol shades last?

Long lasting protection for all types of garden wood 6 year protection. Now suitable on Terracotta, Brick, Stone as well as Wood.

Can Cuprinol Garden Shades be used on metal?

Cuprinol Garden Shades has no adverse interaction with metal fittings designed for use on external structures, such as zinc coated, galvanised, aluminium or other non-ferrous or weather resistant fittings and fixings. Old metal fittings showing corrosion should be replaced.

Is cuprinol shades waterproof?

Add beautiful colours to your garden with Cuprinol Garden Shades, which has been specially developed to colour, protect and weatherproof sheds, fences, garden furniture and other garden wood for up to 6 years.

Are cuprinol shades sprayable?

Garden Shades is a relatively thin and slack product by design. It is free-flowing to enable a smooth finish that gets into all the gaps and allows the profile of the wood to be a maintained. As its sprayable, it also needs to be of low viscosity & will be runnier than other traditional paints.

Are cuprinol shades waterproof?

Where is cuprinol manufactured?

The business, known for its Cuprinol, Hammerite and Polyfilla brands, has also spent millions on a new paint making factory in Ashington, Northumberland, which will create an initial 120 direct jobs and Ton Büchner, Akzo- Nobel chief executive, said the business valued its bases in the region.

Does Cuprinol Garden Shades need undercoat?

There’s no need to use a primer or undercoat so its quick and effortless. Treated with Cuprinol Garden Furniture Teak Oil.

Are Cuprinol shades sprayable?

Does Cuprinol shades need a primer?