How do I add an item to a JList?

How do I add an item to a JList?

7 Answers. Populate the JList with a DefaultListModel, not a vector, and have the model visible in the class. Then simply call addElement on the list model to add items to it.

What is a difference between the JList and JComboBox controls?

The primary difference between these controls is that the JList component supports multiple selections, whereas the JComboBox does not. Also, the JComboBox lets a user provide a choice that isn’t among the available options.

What is ListModel in Java?

public interface ListModel This interface defines the methods components like JList use to get the value of each cell in a list and the length of the list. Logically the model is a vector, indices vary from 0 to ListDataModel. getSize() – 1.

What are the different modes that specifies selection mode of JList?

ListSelectionModel. SINGLE_SELECTION: Only one list index can be selected at a time. ListSelectionModel. SINGLE_INTERVAL_SELECTION: Only one contiguous interval can be selected at a time.

Which of the following event is related with JList?

When a value is selected from JList, a ListSelectionEvent is generated, which is handled by implementing ListSelectionListener interface. JList is another lightweight component which extends JComponent class….Constructors of JList.

Constructor Description
public JList() Creates a JList with an empty, read-only, model.

How get values from JList?

Get selected value from JList

  1. Create a class that extends JFrame and implements ActionListener interface.
  2. Create an array of objects.
  3. Create a new JList with the above array.
  4. Create a new JButton .
  5. Call getSelectedIndex to get the index of the selected item in the JList .

How to write a list selection listener in Java?

How to Write a List Selection Listener 1 Click the Launch button to run ListSelectionDemo using Java™ Web Start ( download JDK 7 or later ). Alternatively, to… 2 Select and deselect items in the list. The mouse and keyboard commands required to select items depends on the look and… More

What is the adapter class for listselectionlistener?

Because ListSelectionListener has only one method, it has no corresponding adapter class. Called in response to selection changes. Return the object that fired the event. If you register a list selection listener on a list directly, then the source for each event is the list. Otherwise, the source is the selection model.

How do I detect list selection events in Java?

To detect list selection events, you register a listener on the appropriate list selection model object. The JList class also gives you the option of registering a listener on the list itself, rather than directly on the list selection model.

How do I run listselectiondemo using Java™?

Try this: Click the Launch button to run ListSelectionDemo using Java™ Web Start (download JDK 7 or later). Alternatively, to compile and run the example yourself, consult the example index. Select and deselect items in the list.