Has anyone crossed the Tasman sea in a kayak?

Has anyone crossed the Tasman sea in a kayak?

A New Zealand man has become the first person to kayak solo across the Tasman Sea. Scott Donaldson looked weary and a little bedraggled when he raised his arms in jubilation on Monday night.

Has anyone ever kayaked from Australia to New Zealand?

Kayaker who paddled solo from Australia to New Zealand ‘looking forward to shower’ After two months alone at sea, there are two things Scott Donaldson is looking forward to: a shower and some family time. The 48-year-old has become the first person to kayak the more than 2000km from Australia to New Zealand alone.

Why is it called the ditch?

The ‘Ditch’ or Tasman Sea is a body of water that adventurers want to cross. It was first rowed solo in 1977 then there was an ill fated journey by Andrew McAuley who was lost at sea in February 2007 trying to kayak from Australia to New Zealand.

What does crossing the Ditch mean?

Meaning: This idiom means on the other side of the Tasman Sea, used to refer to Australia or New Zealand depending on the speaker’s location.

Was Andrew McAuley’s body found?

McAuley was within 65 kilometres of Milford Sound on the South Island of New Zealand when he is believed to have drowned after his kayak capsized while he was asleep on February 9. His body has not been found.

How did McAuley sleep?

This was a committing 220km solo paddle across some of Australias most treacherous waters. Andrew took it one step further with a 530km crossing of the Gulf of Carpentaria, which took almost seven days sleeping in his kayak on a rough ocean each night.

Can you row from Australia to New Zealand?

Shaun Quincey completed the solo row from Australia to New Zealand in March 2010. Shaun is the son of Colin Quincey, who completed the reverse journey in 1977. 2018. Scott Donaldson completes the first kayak solo row in July 2018 from Coffs Harbour, Australia to New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Has anyone swam the Tasman Sea?

Ocean swimmer Lauren Tischendorf completed the mega-lap in 13 hours and 50 minutes, covering a distance greater than 35km in the open waters around the remote outcrop in the Tasman Sea.

Can you kayak to Tasmania?

Expedition Kayaking – Sea Kayak Bass Strait. Sea Kayak Bass Strait from Victoria to Tasmania, over 320km paddling over Easter and in the Autumn season when the weather is at its most stable.

What happened to Andrew McAuley?

Andrew McAuley (born 7 August 1968; presumed dead 9–12 February 2007) was an Australian mountaineer and sea kayaker. He is presumed to have died following his disappearance at sea while attempting to kayak 1600 km (994 mi) across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand in February 2007.

What was found of Andrew McAuley?

On Saturday night, Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand found McAuley’s upturned kayak in near-perfect condition just 54 kilometres (34 miles) offshore of Milford Sound. It was missing only the cockpit canopy.

Did they ever find Andrew McAuley?

Doomed Australian kayaker Andrew McAuley attempted a solo and unassisted trans-Tasman crossing in 2007. He spent 30 days at sea and disappeared as he neared New Zealand. His body has never been found. There was only one person who could have finished his book after his death and that was his devout wife Vicki.