What is a good K name for a boy?

What is a good K name for a boy?

Top 100 baby boy names that start with K

Kevin King
Karter Kaleb
Kyrie Kenneth
Kyler Knox
Kaden Kyle

What is the most common African boy name?

Amari is currently the most popular African boy name in the United States. Along with Amari, other African boy names in the US Top 1000 are Omari, Ayan, Dakari, Sekani, Khari, and Zaire. Rare African boy names worth considering include Idir, Odion, Zenebe, and Uzochi.

What are some unique boy names that start with K?

When it comes to K names for boys, you can’t beat the tried and true ones below. However, many of the names still offer something unique with many newly trending options and new unorthodox spellings….Top 100 Baby Boy Names That Start With K.

Kayden Kevin
Kameron Karson
Keegan Kyler
Kayson Kane
Kash Kason

What are some Nigerian names?

Nigerian Baby Names

  • Sade.
  • Ayofemi.
  • Dola.
  • Alika.
  • Jaja.
  • Chinara.
  • Okechukwu.
  • Uchechi.

What is a good name for a black boy?

50 Black Baby Boy Names and Meanings

  • Aiyden – Little fire.
  • Andres – Manly, brave, warrior.
  • Antonne – Priceless.
  • Booker – Scribe.
  • Brayton- Broad, brave.
  • Briceson – Nobleman’s son.
  • Chaquille – Handsome.
  • Cornell – Horn, college and town name.

What is the new name of K?

The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet ‘K’ that are popular across the world….Modern Indian Boy names with meanings – Alphabet ‘K’

Kailas Abode of Lord Shiva
Kailashchandra Lord Shiva
Kailashnath Lord Shiva
Kairava Water born, water lotus

What is the African name for Moon?

27. Kamaria (African Origin) Meaning ‘bright as the moon, like the moon’ in Swahili, in some translations it is also simply ‘moonlight’. 28. Lucine (Armenian Origin) Simply translated from ‘moon’, it can also be spelt ‘Lusin’.

What is a African male name?

What are popular African names?

  • Abdullah. Servant of God.
  • Amari. Meaning eternal.
  • Bongani. The grateful one.
  • Femi. The full name is usually Olufemi.
  • Hakim. The ruler.
  • Lethabo. Often shortened to Thabo, this popular name means happiness and joy.
  • Mandla. Strength.
  • Ola.