Does Tina end up with Bette?

Does Tina end up with Bette?

Season one It is revealed that during the last ten years, Bette and Tina did get married, but also got divorced after Tina left Bette for another woman, Carrie, with Bette getting at least partial custody of Angelica, who now lives with her.

What happened to Bette and Tina in Generation Q?

By the time of Generation Q, set over ten years after Jenny’s death, Bette and Tina have separated again. Dialogue reveals that at some point, Bette and Tina eventually got married, but got divorced after Tina fell in love with another woman, Carrie.

What episode of The L Word does Bette and Tina get back together?

[This story contains spoilers from the Jan. 12 episode of Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q.] Bette and Tina are back together again. Well, sorta.

What episode does Tina meet Bette?

The relationship between Bette Porter and Tina Kennard began when they met and started dating seven years before “Pilot”.

Are Bette and Tina together in the new L Word?

In Season 1 of the new series, it’s revealed that over the course of the last ten years Bette and Tina did indeed tie the knot in hopes of raising their daughter and sharing their lives together, but inevitably parted ways when Tina left Bette for another woman. Dun, dun, dun.

How old is Tina in The L Word?

Part of why we were so convinced that Tina wasn’t going to come back has to do with Laurel’s own departure from the acting world to focus on her painting career. Plus, the 48-year-old is also a mother to two girls who are still in school, something that likely takes up a lot of her time as well.

Did Bette cheat on Tina with Kelly?

Bette rogers that and reports no, she did not tell Tina about having sex with Kelly because she did not have sex with Kelly. Bette: “I don’t know what you think you saw, but I can tell you however it appeared, nothing happened.”

Who was Bette and Tina’s sperm donor?

Long-time viewers will remember that Tina and Bette’s donor was one Marcus Allenwood.

Who is Angie’s dad The L Word?

Marcus Allenwood: Portrayed by Mark Gibson. Season 1. Tina Kennard’s sperm donor, and the biological father of Angelica Porter-Kennard.

How did Tina get pregnant?

At the beginning of the first season, having been a couple for 7 years, Tina and Bette are in the process searching for a sperm donor so that Tina can be artificially inseminated. After a successful insemination, Tina conceives, but suffers a miscarriage before she is even showing.