Does Sharpay sing in HSM?

Does Sharpay sing in HSM?

She sings All For One with the Wildcats at the end of the film.

What does Sharpay do in HSM?

She is the co-president of the East High drama department alongside her fraternal twin, Ryan Evans, with whom she has starred in seventeen school productions.

How old is Sharpay hsm3?

Sharpay Evans – or Ashley Tisdale if you want to be technical – was a little older at 23 when the third movie was released.

What I’ve been looking for wiki?

“What I’ve Been Looking For” is a song from the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical (2006). The song was written and produced by Andy Dodd and Adam Watts, and it was included on the film soundtrack of the same name. Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel sing it in a fast tempo.

Who is better Gabriella or Sharpay?

Sharpay was clearly more experienced than Gabriella. She worked incredibly hard for a role in the musical, and she had previously starred in seventeen productions. Then, out of nowhere, a girl who could barely summon the courage to sing karaoke on New Year’s Eve stole her spot.

Who are the actors in High School Musical?

by a talented cast who sing, dance, act and pull off impressive acrobatics. Channelling something of Heathers or Mean Girls, it’s a self-aware over the top cheer-off between squeaky clean Truman High and down at heel, streetwise Jackson. Love Island

What is the name of the High School Musical?

High School Musical is a Disney Channel Original Movie centering around the Albuquerque, New Mexico fictional East High School and their students. Filmed on location in Salt Lake City at the real East High School and Ogden, Utah, the movie (and their first two filmed sequels) are directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega,…

What is a High School Musical?

According to, High School Musical is a 2006 American musical television film written by Peter Barsocchini and directed by Kenny Ortega.