Does Eric find out about Nicole and Xander?

Does Eric find out about Nicole and Xander?

Monday, July 19, 2021: Today on Days of Our Lives, Eric is devastated, Brady confronts Xander, and EJ questions his wife. After Xander bursts into Brady’s Pub, he tells Eric that Nicole has been cheating on him. Sami admits she saw Xander and Nicole going into the Salem Inn.

What will happen to Nicole on Days of Our Lives?

Nicole is sent to prison for her crimes and later released with the help of Anna DiMera (Leann Hunley). Seeing that Nicole is still attached to Sydney, EJ arranges for her to be a part of Sydney’s life and live in the mansion leading him to propose to her for Nicole to be a “mother figure” to EJ’s children.

Is Nicole leaving Days of Our Lives 2021?

However, Nicole’s first return surprised fans, more so when it was revealed that it was Kristen Dimera in disguise and not Nicole. However, the plot twist to the reveal was Kristen revealing that Nicole is alive and living in Chicago. Eric brought Nicole back and in July 2021, the lovers finally got married.

Who did Nicole cheat with on Days of Our Lives?

Sami gives in and confesses she paid Xander to expose Nicole. She insists she didn’t enjoy it but Eric had to know the truth. EJ sings Sami’s praises for staying faithful when he treated her terribly. With Nicole cheating on Eric in the first year of their marriage, he understands why Sami did what she did.

Does Eric and Nicole break up?

Ciara Annuls Her Marriage to Ben — & Nicole and Eric Break up and He Leaves Salem – Soaps Spoilers.

Did Nicole and Eric break up?

The former vixen was reduced to fretting about her absentee husband and taking care of his niece and her baby. Aside from her recent slip with Xander, Nicole hasn’t really been a sinner in a long time. But now, her marriage to Eric is over, which means Nicole doesn’t have to rein in her darker impulses anymore.

Who is the father of Nicole’s baby on Days?

Daniel must leave, and tells Nicole that he will be there for her no matter what happens with EJ. He leaves, and Nicole feels flustered. The paternity results come back, and Nicole is surprised to learn that Daniel did switch the test results, which now show that Rafe is the father of her baby.

Who did Nicole Walker sleep with?

Nicole falls in love with EJ, and he becomes attracted to her as well. But Taylor Raines, Nicole’s little sister, returns to Salem, and her and EJ begin an affair. Nicole believes that the two hate each other, but sees them kissing, and gets upset.

Why did Eric leave Nicole?

But their relationship was strained by her checkered past and when she fell for Lucas Horton, Eric turned to Greta Von Amberg, but he still had feelings for Nicole. Realizing this, Greta dumped him, and Eric left town in 2000 after informing Nicole he would always love her.