Can you turn a regular crib into a toddler bed?

Can you turn a regular crib into a toddler bed?

A regular wooden crib can be easily converted to a functional bed for your kid. The simplest option is to integrate a universal guardrail. If that won’t work or if you want to board on a more advanced project, you can trim down one of the sides and make it into a toddler railing instead.

How do you turn a crib into a toddler bed without a kit?


  1. Choose an appropriate guardrail. Unless your child’s crib came with its own toddler bed rail, you’ll need to purchase a separate rail.
  2. Remove one side of the crib.
  3. Remove the bedding.
  4. Attach the brackets to the rail.
  5. Position the rail.
  6. Fix the rail to the bed.
  7. Make the bed.

Is a toddler conversion kit necessary?

Essentially, the answer is “no”, you do not require a box spring with a convertible crib conversion. Sure, you could use one but you would end up creating a rather high bed for a toddler/child to climb into.

Is a toddler rail necessary?

As the Baby Sleep Site pointed out, the main function of rails on a toddler bed is to prevent falling out and keep your little one snug in his bed. The main reason rails are necessary is because toddlers are such wild sleepers, as What To Expect’s website pointed out.

Can a toddler sleep on a mattress on the floor?

While the ideal situation is to provide an infant with his or her own sleeping space, infants sleeping on or near floor mattresses can have the risk of asphyxiation reduced if such mattresses are not located close to furniture or walls, and are not near items such as soft materials or plastic sheeting that could cause …

Can I put toddler mattress on floor?

If your child is under the age of 2 years old your floor bed should be a firm crib mattress per AAP recommendations. A regular twin or full size mattress is too soft and can cause suffocation risks. The floor bed should be just a flat fitted sheet and away from the walls so that your baby can’t become trapped.

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What are the best baby crib brands?

Bellini sells some of the best modern crib brands in the juvenile industry, including Romina, Silva, Stella Baby & Child, Natart, Nest, Babyletto, Franklin & Ben and more. With modern and traditional options available, there is a crib style for everyone’s taste.

Where can I buy solid wood Cribs in Florida?

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What makes a good baby crib?

Many of the cribs on display are made of high quality solid wood, giving new parents peace of mind when it comes to quality and safety. Modern cribs from brands such as Romina, Natart, Nest and Babyletto are Greenguard Certified. That means these cribs have been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals and meet strict chemical emissions limits.