Can I use my iPhone as a universal remote?

Can I use my iPhone as a universal remote?

‘TV Remote’ is an app that turns your iPhone into a universal control for your TV. The first time you open it, the app identifies all the connected TVs in your Wi-Fi network for quick pairing. You just have to choose your TV from the list and then authorize the app to work as a remote control.

Can I control my cable box with my iPhone?

Thanks to a bevy of useful iOS apps from the largest cable providers, you can control most cable boxes directly from your smartphone. 1. Download the relevant iOS app for your cable provider from the App Store. There are also apps for Verizon FiOS, Time Warner, Dish, Optimum and AT U-verse.

How do I turn my iPhone into a remote control?

Set up the Apple TV Remote in Control Center

  1. Open Control Center:
  2. Tap the Apple TV Remote.
  3. Tap your Apple TV or smart TV from the list.
  4. When asked, follow the onscreen instructions to enter a four-digit passcode into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Can I control my Spectrum cable box with my phone?

You can use the Spectrum TV App to control your cable Set-Top Box. Locate the “Send to TV” icon on the app. Next, choose which cable box should receive the content. (This option is found in Settings.

Is there a spectrum remote app?

Download the Spectrum Access App The Spectrum Access app is available for download via the App Store on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and via the Google Play store for Android devices at no additional charge.

What is the Apple TV remote app called?

iTunes Remote is the best way to control Apple Music, iTunes, or the Apple TV app from anywhere in your home. Simply download the app to your iPhone or iPad, and connect directly to Apple Music, iTunes, or the Apple TV app on your Mac or PC.

How do I use my Apple TV without a remote?

You can turn on an Apple TV without a remote simply by plugging it in — once it’s plugged in, it will turn on automatically. If your Apple TV is in Sleep Mode, try unplugging it and plugging it back in to wake it.

Does spectrum have an app remote?

Download the Spectrum TV app and get the most out of your Spectrum TV experience at home or on the go. Stream On Demand or live TV anywhere, on any device. Stream live TV anywhere you have a connection.

How can I use my phone as a TV remote?

Use your phone as the remote for your Android TV

  1. On your Android phone, open the Google TV app .
  2. Near the bottom right, tap Remote .
  3. At the top, tap Scanning for devices.
  4. Choose your device.
  5. To complete pairing, follow the instructions on your phone and TV.
  6. After pairing, you can use your phone or your remote.