Are vacuum bags good filters?

Are vacuum bags good filters?

The researchers found vacuum bags to be one of the top performers, filtering out 94 percent of airborne particles. Other studies looked at sweatshirts, pillowcases and cotton bandanas, but the vacuum bags outshined nearly all of them.

What is a HEPA filter vacuum bag?

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums differ from conventional vacuums in that they contain filters that are capable of trapping extremely small, micron-sized particles. A true HEPA filter can trap 99.97 percent of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.

What is aerus direct?

Description. The AirScrubber by Aerus® attaches directly to the HVAC system ductwork to reduce viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants in the ambient air and on surfaces while the HVAC fan is running.

Do Electrolux still make vacuum cleaners?

Electrolux has been making high quality canister vacuum cleaners in the United States since 1924, and has been recognized by the Smithsonian. We carry all of the latest Electrolux Canister Vacuums on the market today, and our price includes free insured shipping.

Do HEPA filter vacuum bags contain fiberglass?

The answer is HEPA vacuum bags do not contain fiberglass. HEPA vacuum cleaner bags are made from a meltblown material, which is also known as melt-blown or melblown material.

Are all vacuum bags the same?

Vacuum cleaner bags are made in standard sizes. Most bags of a particular size will fit vacuums of a particular style, regardless of what brand the vacuum is. There are several size bags available for upright vacuums, while comparatively fewer available for other types of vacuums.

What kind of company is Aerus?

Aerus LLC operates as a cleaning products manufacturing firm. The Company provides manufacturing and distribution of healthy home products including floor care systems, air, and water purification systems.

How much does an aerus canister vacuum cost?

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Why choose Aerus home solutions genuine filter bag?

Aerus Home Solutions Genuine Filter Bags feature an innovative filtration technology that is four times more effective than the previous 4-ply design

Where can I buy a Aerus vacuum?

Aerus Vacuums, Air Purifiers and Water Products are sold exclusively through our Franchise locations and Independent Consultants. Please stop by your nearest location or call to schedule an in-home demonstration on any of our products.

What is a Aerus air system?

Aerus air systems are designed to effectively reduce contaminants, dust, dander, irritants and odors in your home – and that can help you lead a healthier and happier life. This opens in a new window. For homeowners or businesses with indoor air quality concerns

How do I contact the customer service department at Aerus online?

Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-243-9078 or [email protected].