How do I put my Sony A7II in IR mode?

How do I put my Sony A7II in IR mode?

First, let’s turn on the “Remote Control” function of the Sony A7II camera. Go to toolbox manual number 3, scroll down to “Remote Ctrl”. This function in the menu is dedicated to the wireless remote control. Make sure it is “on”.

Does Sony a6100 have IR?

Answer: It is infrared (light), so the sensor on the front of the camera does need to receive the signal from the remote. However, the IR does bounce indoors.

How do I control my Sony a7ii with my Iphone?

Setting your camera for Smart Remote Control Shooting

  1. Select Menu > Apps Menu > Application List > Smart Remote Embedded.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi settings on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
  3. As soon as you see a spinning “Connecting” icon – Open the PlayMemories app on your smartphone or tablet and you are connected.

Does Sony A6000 have infrared?

The Sony A6000 is a great mirrorless camera and makes a good IR camera.

Does Sony A6000 have Bluetooth?

Wifi and NFC is found on both cameras, but the A6100 has Bluetooth as well.

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