Are Reverse-Flash and Zoom the same person?

Are Reverse-Flash and Zoom the same person?

While many of Barry Allen’s popular comic book adversaries have already appeared on The Flash, his biggest challenges have been at the hands of two villains—the Reverse-Flash and Zoom. Yes, those are two different characters—characters who look nothing alike on the Flash TV series.

Is Zoom a time remnant?

A time remnant is a future version of a speedster or a copy if you will. So, when Barry defeated Zoom, he created a time remnant by running back in time moments before he faced zoom creating a past Barry and Future Barry.

Is Zoom faster than Reverse-Flash CW?

In season 1, the Reverse Flash is only slightly faster than The Flash at the end of the season, if not the same speed. In the show they state that Zoom is roughly 3–4 times faster than The Flash. So, Zoom is FAR FASTER than the Reverse Flash.

Why does Kid Flash look like Reverse Flash?

Kid Flash debuted 4 issues before Eobard Thawne did. Barry changed Kid Flash’s costume to Yellow so they wouldn’t be confused. Eobard Thawne used reverse colors of Flash’s suit because he is Flash but in Reverse. So instead of Red and Yellow he is Yellow and Red.

Who would win in a fight Zoom or Flash?

Zoom is the first to go because he knows nothing about either of the two Speedsters and is slightly faster than Flash from season 2. If we based this off of the comics Zoom would come out first from him being the second incarnation of the original Reverse-Flash. (The Rival, Professor Zoom, Zoom, Reverse-Flash.)

Who is Plastique in the DC Comics?

In the DC comics, Plastique is a red-headed Canadian terrorist who started off with planting actual bombs, later becoming a meta-human with explosive powers and debuted as a villain of Firestorm. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What does Plastique mean in the Flash?

“Plastique” is also an episode name in Smallville . Interestingly, Jessica Parker Kennedy who would portray Nora West-Allen in The Flash, played the titular character in the show. The cage at the end is a reference to the super-intelligent ape, Gorilla Grodd.

Is Constantine part of the Arrowverse?

Although it was never originally part of the Arrowverse and was not renewed for a second live-action season, Constantine makes an appearance in S4E5 of Arrow. He appears in both the flashback and present day storylines making this series part of the Arrowverse. He is also mentioned again in dialogue in two later episodes, assisting Oliver.

Who is zoom in the Flash?

~ Eobard Thawne describing Zoom or now Black Flash. Hunter Zolomon , also known as Zoom and formerly by the stolen identity of Jay Garrick / the Flash , is a major antagonist in the Arrowverse . He appears as the secondary antagonist of The Flash , where he debuts as the main antagonist of Season 2, and a cameo antagonist in Seasons 3 and 5.