What is the character sketch of the ghost in The Canterville Ghost?

What is the character sketch of the ghost in The Canterville Ghost?

A character sketch of the ghost in “The Canterville Ghost” can include that the ghost is proud of his history, enjoys frightening people, and is theatrical. When he cannot frighten the Otis family, he becomes angry and dejected, and wishes to be released into death.

Where did The Canterville Ghost live?

Hiram Otis comes to England with his wife, daughter and two sons on a research grant; he and his family will live in a castle called Canterville Hall. The Castle is haunted by the ghost of a deceased ancestor, Sir Simon de Canterville, doomed to remain on the estate after the death of his wife.

What is the major theme of the novel The Canterville Ghost?

The themes of love and death are intertwined in “The Canterville Ghost.” Beneath the surface comedy of role reversal, in which the American Otis family frightens the ghost and not vice versa, lurks a more poignant tale: Sir Simon, the ghost, wants very much to die and be at peace.

What is the name of Lord Canterville great aunt?

Augustus Dampier A rector of the parish / Lord Canterville’s aunt.
Lord Canterville Current Lord of Canterville family. Sold the Canterville Chase.
Lady Canterville Lord Canterville’s wife.
Lucretia Tappan-Otis Mr. Hiram B. Otis’s wife. aka: Mrs. Otis.

What is the full name of The Canterville Ghost?

At first, none of the Otis family believes in ghosts, but shortly after they move in, none of them can deny the presence of Sir Simon de Canterville.

Who was the great aunt of Lord Canterville?

What is the setting of the story what strange sights and sounds do you think the Otis family saw and heard when they moved in?

Answer: The means the otis family heared different sounds made by the ghost. Explanation: Sir Simon de Canterville , (the ghost) Used to clank his iron Chains ,then Mr.

Who is the best character in The Canterville Ghost?

according to me the twins are the best characters in The canterville ghost story….. because they were delightful boys and true republicans of the family…..they were usually called ” the star and stripes,”they both are very naughty boys nd always played tricks with the ghost……