Are LBT plate carriers good?

Are LBT plate carriers good?

It is perhaps the most renowned plate carrier in existence. It is simple, durable and well thought out. So much in fact, that many of the Rangers I have worked with (including myself), have purchased one out-of-pocket.

How big should a plate carrier be?

Armor Plate Sizing The top of your back armor plate should be approximately one inch or two vertebrae below your Vertebra prominens. The bottom of your armor plate should be approximately one to three inches above your belly button, depending on your height and torso size.

What are slick plate carriers?

FirstSpear The Slickā„¢, Ultralight Plate Carrier Designed for wear underneath garments or Load Carriage Platforms, The Slick is very light, has soft material and can be folded up and stashed in your cargo pocket when not needed.

Where can I find slick armor in tarkov?


  • In Buried barrel caches.
  • In Dead Scavs.
  • In Ground caches.

What level are Esapi plates?

NIJ level 4
This ESAPI plate, which stands for Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts, is NIJ level 4, stand alone and available in 5 different sizes: Small: 227*303 mm / 8.75″x11.

How should plate carriers fit?

Center the front plate on your torso. Adjust the shoulder straps so the top of the front plate aligns with your sternal notch, where your collarbone meets your sternum. Make sure both shoulder straps are even so the plates lie straight. Tighten the side straps for a snug fit.

How tight should plate carrier?

Your straps should be just tight enough to prevent plate movement but not so tight that it restricts your ability to take full, deep breaths. If you notice curling and unnecessary wear to the ballistic panels, you are either strapped in too tight or you need a smaller plate carrier.

Does slick protect stomach?

Slick Plate does not protect Stomach so if someone hits you there a few times especially with a high-damage round it can really mess you up.

How much do ballistic plates weigh?

Rifle Plates – E-SAPI

Ballistic Protection Level Size Weight
Medium NSN 8470-01-520-7373 9.5″ Wide by 12.5″ Tall ~24 by 32 cm. ~5.45 lbs. 2.5 kg.
Large NSN 8470-01-520-7385 10″ by 13″ ~25 by 33 cm. ~6.25 lbs. 2.8 kg.
XL NSN 8470-01-520-7382 11″ by 14″ ~28 by 36 cm. ~7.1 lbs. 3.2 kg.
Side Rifle Plates