Are 49ers hard to sail?

Are 49ers hard to sail?

Having raced both I can tell you the 49er is harder to sail. The reason has to do with power to weight ratios. The 49er essentially requires you to anticipate what the boat is going to do about 70% of the time and if you don’t its very hard to recover. The Musto is down to only about 50%-60%.

What does 49er mean in sailing?

Freebase. 49er. The 49er is a two-handed skiff-type high-performance sailing dinghy. The two crew work on different roles with the helm making many tactical decisions, as well as steering, and the crew doing most of the sail control.

How long is a 49er boom?

16ft long
The 49er class The 49er is a 16ft long double trapeze skiff designed by Julian Bethwaite. It was chosen in 1996 to be first used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

How fast can a 49er go?

The boat has very fine lines forward – meaning that the slap and thud that is normally associated with going to windward at speed is removed. The 49er is controllable over 20 knots and benefits from easy handling, even in the most highly competitive races and tough conditions.

How fast can a 49er sail?

The 49er, designed by Julian Bethwaite of Australia, can sail faster than the speed of wind; for instance, if the wind is 8 knots, the boat speed might get up to 10 knots or more. At top speeds off the wind, the 49er has been clocked at 25 knots.

Who designed the 470?

architect Andre Cornu
International 470 Class History In 1963, French architect Andre Cornu designed the two-handed centerboard boat as a modern high performance fiberglass planing dinghy which could be sailed by anyone.

How long is a c420?

It can be rigged to be sailed single-handed or double-handed. The 420 is an International class recognized by World Sailing. The name refers to the boat’s length of 420 centimetres (4.2 m; 13 ft 9 in)….420 (dinghy)

LOA 4.20 metres (13 ft 9 in)
Beam 1.63 metres (5 ft 4 in)
Hull appendages
Keel/board type Centerboard

How fast can a 470 sail?

8 kt
As described above, in the case of a 470, exceeding 8 kt is the standard for shifting to high-speed sailing.

What are the class rules for a 49er carbon mast?

The class rules require the above ‘Shared Standard 49er parts’ to comply with the 49er class rules and they will be measured as 49er parts. 49er Carbon Mast User Manual The ideal weight for the FX will be around 130kg, – but it won’t matter if you are 120kg or 140kg, – if you have the best boathandling and best rig set up you will win races.

Where are 49er masts made?

The 49er mast is also made at Southern Spars and has been accepted by the class as being of a highly uniform performance and quality. North Sails manufacture the sails and have a solid reputation across many classes for producing quality strict one design sails.

What is a Mackay 49erFX?

Special thanks to Mackay Boats for writing this manual. The 49erFX is made up from 49er parts and FX parts. Added to the 49er platform is a modern purpose designed FX mast and sails to suit crews between 120kg and 140 kg.

What is the difference between the 49er and FX sails?

The top and bottom tubes are about 450mm shorter than the 49er mast tubes. The spreaders are the same as the 49er and can be used on either boat. All of the mast fittings are the same on the 49er and FX, so spare parts can be used for either boat. The Sails are made by North Sails in Sri Lanka.