What does Network license mean?

What does Network license mean?

Floating licensing, also known as concurrent licensing or network licensing, is a software licensing approach in which a limited number of licenses for a software application are shared among a larger number of users over time. If a license is available, the license server allows the application to run.

What is Kingdom software?

Kingdom is a seismic and geological interpretation software designed to help geoscientists, drillers and engineers to collaborate with each other.

How do I activate my network license?

To activate network licenses:

  1. Open the License Manager and connect to your license server.
  2. Click the Software tab (the Activate sub-tab is selected by default) and paste your EID in the Entitlement Id field; click Connect.
  3. Select the products you want to activate and click the Activate button.

How do I install kingdom software?

The steps you need to complete vary depending upon your requirements and any previous installation of Kingdom you may have.

  1. Define hardware, system, and database requirements.
  2. Choose a database.
  3. Download the latest software.
  4. Install the downloaded software or install software from DVD.

What is shared license?

License Sharing refers to situations in which two or more users regulary use a single username and password to log into and use a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. This behavior often runs against organizational policy, for several reasons.

What is IHS Petra?

Petra from IHS Markit is a cost-effective software solution for managing, manipulating and visualizing integrated geological, geophysical and engineering data. To maximize your subscription, IHS Markit offers technical support as well as Petra training courses at select locations and on site, by request.

What is IHS harmony?

Harmony Enterprise by IHS Markit is a comprehensive engineering application for analyzing oil and gas well performance and evaluating reserves. Access a full suite of reservoir and production engineering tools in one interface.

How do I install licensed software?

Browse for License File – Navigate to the location on your computer where you saved your license file and click “Open” to install the file. Drop License File Here – Drag-and-drop the license file directly from your computer to this rectangle enclosed in dashed lines.

What does a software license usually specify?

A software license is a document that states the rights of the developer and user of a piece of software. It defines how the software can be used and how it will be paid for.

What is a license model?

A licensing model consists of an application that needs a license, and a license file that contains the license information. The license file defines what software or features the license is for, how long it is valid for, how many users can use the software, the computers on which the software can be used, and so on.