Will a 10 speed cassette work with a 9 speed shifter?

Will a 10 speed cassette work with a 9 speed shifter?

Since the rear shift ratio of a Shimano 10-speed derailleur is also 1.7 (except for Tiagra 4700 series which have a 1.4 ratio), a 9-speed road or MTB derailleur can effectively work with a 10-speed cassette and a 10-speed road shifter.

Will a 9 speed shifter work with 11 speed cassette?

It won’t work. 11-speed cogs have narrower spaces between the cogs and a 9-speed chain will get stuck.

Can I use a 9 speed chainring with a 10 speed chain?

Two bikes with 10 speed chains running on ‘9’ speed TA rings, both absolutely fine. 9 and 10 speed rings have exactly the same width teeth AFAIK.

Why did Shimano change from 9 speed to 10 speed?

When Shimano went to 10 speeds on their 2004 Dura Ace group, they designed it to be compatible with prior years’ 9 speed hubs. Shimano did not change the overall cassette width or the rear wheel spacing when changing to 10 speeds. Instead, they made the chain and cogs narrower, allowing more gears to fit into the same space.

Will a Sora rear mech fit on a tiagra 10 speed?

Agree that your Sora rear mech will work fine with the new shifters,chain and cassette. However, the 9 speed Sora chainset will not give perfect shifting when dropping down from big ring to little ring.It gives a slow, ‘lazy’ down change. Found this out when I changed a bike recently from Sora 9 speed to Tiagra 10 speed.

Will a SRAM Rd fit on a Shimano tiagra cassette?

The Mavic cosmic I have my SRAM 10 speed cassette fitted on works perfectly, the spare rim I have is a Shimano rim that originally had an old 9 speed Shimano 105 cassette fitted. I picked up a 10 speed Shimano Tiagra cassette and tried it without the spacer, which is when the SRAM RD interfered with the spokes when put on the bike.

Can I use a Shimano 9 speed cassette with Shimano hub?

if the hub is shimano 9 speed compatible, then. sram 10 speed cassette, use without a spacer shimano 10 speed cassette must use the 1mm spacer (unless it’s a tiagra 4600 cassette, which doesn’t use one)