Why were Lily and James Potter so rich?

Why were Lily and James Potter so rich?

James was independently wealthy (from family money) when he left Hogwarts, sufficiently such that he was able to support himself, Sirius, and Lily as full-time (unpaid) fighters for the Order of the Phoenix. His money came from inheritance, from his father.

Who is the richest person in Harry Potter?

Nicholas Flammel

Did Dumbledore know Lucius was a Death Eater?

Dumbledore always knew Lucius was a Death Eater. He never really believed his claim about being Imperiused. It’s possible that these measures were, in fact, taken at some point before Harry started school.

How did Snape find out Lupin was a werewolf?

Snape had suspected Lupin to be a werewolf since their early years in school. This was confirmed after Sirius nearly got him killed in the Whomping Willow by exposing Snape to Lupin on a full-moon night. Snape had suspected Lupin to be a werewolf since their early years in school.

What is Draco Malfoy worth?

The actor who plays Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton, has a pretty great net worth of his own. He’s currently enjoying a reported $35 million, which is definitely not bad for a 33-year-old (he was born in 1987).

Who is the richest family in Harry Potter?

The Black family

Why did greyback bite Lupin?

He had a horrible penchant for attacking children ‘ Greyback wasn’t just interested in Remus Lupin: the werewolf liked to target all children. As Remus explained to Harry, this was Greyback’s twisted plan to ‘bite them young’ and turn them against the wizarding community.

Is Snape Draco’s godfather?

Snape came from a questionable and inconsequential family, he was not a schmoozer or brown-noser, and he was a loner. He was probably below Lucius’ notice beyond the mutual DE connection. Draco’s godfather, if he has one, is much more likely to be from a wealthy pureblood family.

What curse killed Lupin?

Antonin Dolohov’s curse
Type Curse
Hand Movement Slashing movement
Light Purple
Effect Inflicts pain or death

Is Teddy Lupin a werewolf?

Teddy Lupin did not become a werewolf like his father, despite claims by Rita Skeeter to the contrary. He was, however, a Metamorphmagus, like his mother.

Was Lucius Malfoy abusive?

Lucius undoubtedly was abusive, but never to his son. He has always spoiled and petted his son, e.g. when he bought the brooms for him and his team, or when he tried to execute Buckbeak because he had hurt his darling son. It was his goal for his son to get an influential position at the side of his beloved Dark Lord.

Is Lucius Malfoy evil?

When it comes to the Malfoy family, Lucius Malfoy is hands down a bad guy. But don’t tell that to Jason Isaacs. He sees him as this complex character who was emasculated by Voldemort. If it means helping Harry Potter and his friends fight Lord Voldemort, then he’ll do that.

How did Bill Weasley become a werewolf?

Bill did not become a werewolf but did develop a liking for very rare steaks. It was his injuries that finally convinced his mother that Fleur was the right choice for him.

What spell killed Lupin?

Lupin was killed by Dolohov. According to Word of God, this was because he had been using magic primarily for hiding and defense, rather than honing his skills as a duelist, and came up against a savage and sadistic Death Eater in Dolohov. Presumably he used either Avada Kedavra or his signature purple flame spell.

What is Draco Malfoy’s Patronus?

J.K. Rowling says Draco doesn’t have a patronus because he never learned the spell but I think it’s because he doesn’t have any powerful happy memories to use.

Did Lucius Malfoy kill Harry?

Lucius is a known practitioner of the Dark Arts with his wand, including Unforgivable Curses. He attempted to perform the Killing Curse on Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but his once-enslaved house-elf Dobby interfered and repelled him.

Was umbridge a Death Eater?

Despite her wickedness and pure-blood supremacist attitude, Umbridge was repeatedly stated to be no Death Eater, as she never showed support for them until they took over the Ministry in 1997.

Did Lucius Malfoy kill anyone?

Lucius never kills anyone in the texts, but he is a high ranking Death Eater. It’s a possibility but not a certainty. Voldemort has plenty of people who don’t mind killing, as well as some who enjoy it. He also has Pettigrew, who doesn’t seem to like killing but does it regardless because he’s afraid to disobey.

Was Harry Potter a pure blood?

Harry himself is a half-blood, since his pure-blood father, James, married a Muggle-born witch named Lily, and his maternal grandparents were Muggles.