Why is Resorufin fluorescence?

Why is Resorufin fluorescence?

The long wavelength of resorufin makes it an attractive platform for sensors. One example is the reduced boronic ester 74, which reacts spontaneously with H2O2 to yield the fluorescent resorufin. Other phenolic fluorophores, such as fluorescein, can be masked in a similar fashion.

How is resazurin reduced?

Resazurin is reduced to resorufin by aerobic respiration of metabolically active cells, and it can be used as an indicator of cell viability. The irreversible reaction of resazurin to resorufin is proportional to aerobic respiration.

What is resazurin assay?

The resazurin assay is commonly used to quantify the number of live cells in a sample, and to monitor cell viability / cytotoxicity. It is a fast, simple, accurate and homogeneous / no-wash high throughput assay that can be used to monitor cells for up to 24-48 hours.

What is Resorufin?

Definition of resorufin : a red-brown crystalline dye C12H7NO3 of the phenoxazine class that gives fluorescent red or pink solutions, that is formed by the action of nitrosylsulfuric acid on resorcinol or by reduction of resazurin, and that on reduction yields a colorless dihydro derivative.

Is Resorufin water soluble?

This product is soluble in water (1 mg/ml), yielding a dark, red-purple solution.

Is phosphorescence radiative or nonradiative?

Phosphorescence usually occurs only with “heavier” molecules since the spin has to be reversed with the help of spin-orbit-coupling. Whether electromagnetic radiation is emitted at all, and with which wavelength, depends on how much energy can be released beforehand by non-radiative decay [6,7].

How does Alamar blue work?

alamarBlue Cell Viability Reagent is a ready-to-use resazurin-based solution that functions as a cell health indicator by using the reducing power of living cells to quantitatively measure viability. Upon entering living cells, resazurin is reduced to resorufin, a compound that is red in color and highly fluorescent.

What color is resazurin when it is oxidized?

8.4. Resazurin assays are based on the reduction by living cells of the oxidized blue dye to a pink fluorescent resorufin product.

What is fluorescent resorufin?

Fluorescent resorufin (λ em = 583 nm) forms from either non-fluorescent amplex red or resazurin through oxidative or reductive processes, respectively, at heterogeneous catalytic interfaces. Surface modification of catalytic nanoparticles is often required to monitor heterogeneous catalysis with single molecule spectroscopy.

How do you measure resorufin with spectrophotometer?

After adding the reaction mixture, resorufin is measured every 30 s for 1 h using a spectrophotometer at 560 nm (Spectramax Plus 384; Molecular Devices, Sunnyvale, CA). Alternatively, resorufin can be measured using a fluorescent plate reader at 560 nm excitation and 590 nm emission detection.

What is the absorption band of resorufin 90 in THF?

Resorufin based chemodosimeter 90 (Chart 16) in THF [145] showed absorption bands at 347 and 437 nm which disappeared with emergence of new absorption bands at 550 and 591 nm in the presence of TBAF with a reaction time of 9 min and displayed fluorescence emission enhancement centred at 595 nm. Fiona A. Summers,

How pH-sensitive is Amplex Red-generated resorufin?

Although the fluorescence of Amplex Red-generated resorufin was noted to be highly pH-sensitive below pH of 7, Amplex UltraRed has markedly reduced pH sensitivity and greater ROS sensitivity. Amplex UltraRed is reconstituted in high-quality anhydrous DMSO with minimal exposure to light and air and used at final concentration of 50 μ M.