Why is my hp printer showing an error message?

Why is my hp printer showing an error message?

An issue most commonly associated with driver or printer cable problems, turning the printer off and on should see this error message disappear. A hardware problem may be the reason the error message persists. Try resetting the printer initially and reinstall the toner cartridge if the problem persists.

What does P2 mean on a HP printer?

Interpret control-panel light patterns

Light status Error code
The Attention light is blinking. note: The Supplies LED might or might not be on in this state depending on the supply status. Go/06

What is a 59 C0 error HP printer?

C0 = Developer motor rotation error. With this printer it usually means the product needs to be replaced. What you can try is to remove all toners and then start up the printer and see if the error appears.

What are the specs of a HP LaserJet 5000 printer?

Comparison of HP LaserJet 5000 Series Printers HP LaserJet 5000 HP LaserJet 5000 N HP LaserJet 5000 GN Ethernet 10-T/ 10-2 optional standard standard Max. # input bins 444 Standard RAM 4 MB internal 8 MB112 MB1

What does the serial number on the HP LaserJet 5000 N mean?

The serial number is alphanumeric, such as USB0000146 for the HP LaserJet 5000 N printer. The serial number contains information about the Country of Origin, the Revision Level, the Production Code, and Production Number of the printer.

What is the temperature of the HP LaserJet 5000 fuse?

variable fusing temperature 5-28 vellum 1-18 W warranty statement 2-9 Title HP LaserJet 5000, 5000 N, and 5000 GN Printers Service Manual, C4110-91033 Author HP Subject HP LaserJet 5000, 5000 N, and 5000 GN Printers Service Manual

How do I get help for my HP Envy 5000 all-in-one printer?

Troubleshooting guide and online help for your HP ENVY 5000 All-in-One Printer series Contact HP Please wait while we gather your contact options IBM WebSphere Portal Home IBM Logo Sign Up Log In Welcome Getting Started Contact HP – Anonymous Contact HP Product Context View Support Home Product Home Product Warranty Result ConcentraWrapper