Why is my Bixolon printer not working?

Why is my Bixolon printer not working?

Check the following if printing does not work. Check whether the installed paper is thermal paper. Thermal paper must be used for thermal printer. Check whether the paper is installed correctly. The printable surface should face TPH.

How do I set up my Bixolon printer?

Connecting the printer

  1. Turn off the power to all devices – PDA, PC (Bluetooth dongle), printer, etc.
  2. Execute the Bluetooth connection program from PDA or PC.
  3. Search the peripheral devices to connect – search the printer.
  4. Register the searched printer (SPP-R200).
  5. Test the connection.

How do I reset my Bixolon printer?

How to do Factory Reset?

  1. Depress the Pause button for two seconds during Print Standby Mode.
  2. Both LEDs will change to orange color and the printer will be set to Stand-alone. Configuration Mode.
  3. Depress the Feed button at the 3rd LED sequence as shown in section 5-2-2 (Status.

How do I connect my Bixolon printer to my tablet?

1) Turn on the printer. 3) By changing “Disable” in the upper right corner to “Enable,” the following list of Bluetooth-enabled devices are displayed. Select the device you want to connect among the listed devices. 4) After the Bluetooth registration request screen appears as below, enter the password and click OK.

How do I share my Bixolon printer?

Select the installed printer, right-click on it, and“Share”. D. Click the “Share” tab,“Share this printer”, set the “Share Name” to “SRP770II”, and click the [OK] button.

How do I get a barcode for my product in South Africa?

A guide to getting barcodes in South Africa

  1. SA Barcodes. https://www.sabarcodes.co.za/ SA Barcodes is South Africa’s oldest and largest online barcode reseller.
  2. Barcode Solutions. https://www.barcodesolutions.co.za/
  3. Barcodes 123. https://barcodes123.co.za/

How much does a bixolon printer cost?

BIXOLON SRP-350 Plus III Thermal Pos Printer With USB Ethernet & Serial Connector R3 160.00 Loot.co.za BIXOLON – 3 Inch Direct Thermal Receipt Printer Usb+lan+serial R1 865.00 Raru 13% OFF BIXOLON Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Forest Green R2 691.00 R2 340.00

Is bixolon an authorised dealer in South Africa?

Bixolon computers, notebooks and / or peripheral sales are done by an authorised dealer in South Africa. The Bixolon logo may be a trademark of Bixolon.

What is bixolon D220 2 DT label printer?

R3 639.00 R3 165.00 PC Link Computers View Offer BixolonD220 2 DT Label Printer SLP-D220 is a brand new label printer of BIXOLON. SLP-D220 is a 2inch direct thermal Label printer to fit in anyplace. The biggest feature of SLP-D220 is strongly enhanced Hardware functions. The R3 591.00 GeeWiz View Offer

Which bixolon label printers support UHF RFID?

Providing a consistent look and feel to BIXOLON’s newer label printer lineups, the mid-tier Industrial class 4-inch (114mm) label printer supports UHF RFID print and encode capability. The XT5-40 series offers such key features as a USB Hos…