Why is Big Top Souvenirs closed?

Why is Big Top Souvenirs closed?

After undergoing a refurbishment that started in June, Big Top Souvenirs has reopened at the Magic Kingdom. The Storybook Circus retail location has been closed since March 2020. The store cut back on merchandise, using the extra space to add an indoor seating area.

What is Storybook Circus in Magic Kingdom?

Storybook Circus will be based on our animated film, “Dumbo.” Here, Casey Jr., the famous locomotive from the movie, has rolled into town and brought the grand Storybook Circus with him. The area will be filled with colorful circus tents and nods to the famous film.

Is Big Top at Magic Kingdom open?

Big Top Souvenirs has reopened in Magic Kingdom. The Storybook Circus retail location has reopened for the first time since the parks closed in March 2020. It also recently underwent a refurbishment. In the center of the circus tent is Big Top Treats.

Where is Big Top treats in Disney World?

Magic Kingdom theme
Big Top Treats is located in Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park.

How much are Mickey ears at Disney World?

You can grab a pair of ears for $22. Note that these ears are made of plastic, so they might not be quite as comfy as the padded material that we’ve seen on other Mickey ears.

Does Disney have a circus?

Nowhere at Disney World conjures up those feelings of circuses from days gone by than the awesome (and might we add often overlooked) Storybook Circus area of the Magic Kingdom.

What can you buy at Magic Kingdom?

10 Wildest Things You Can Buy in Magic Kingdom at Disney World

  • Stitch Windbreaker.
  • Space Mountain Gift Shop.
  • Crystal Castle.
  • Silhouettes.
  • Haunted Mansion Bookends.
  • Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe Ornament.
  • Adventureland Sunglass Hut.
  • Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar.

What should you not wear at Disney World?

As part of the Disney Dress Code, guests are asked to wear proper attire including shoes and shirts at all times. Attire that is not appropriate for the parks includes (but is not limited to): Costumes and masks worn by guests age 14 or over. Clothing with obscene language or graphics.