Why idhr at idhr?

Why idhr at idhr?

IDHR converts theory into practice. You may have been encouraged to “think outside the box,” but IDHR goes further and challenges you to translate those thoughts into actions. The comprehensive IDHR academic program goes deep into the current international humanitarian landscape.

What does idhr do to prevent discrimination?

IDHR administers the Illinois Human Rights Act which prohibits discrimination in Illinois with respect to employment, fair housing, financial credit, public accommodations and sexual harassment in education. Should you need to file a charge, IDHR can assist in the charge filing process. Employment Charge of Discrimination

What is an idhr eligibility number?

The Public Contracts Unit registers entities seeking to establish eligibility status for competitive bidding on State contracts. Entities registering with the Department receive an IDHR Eligibility Number. The IDHR Eligibility Number demonstrates proof of registration within the department.

Is there a deadline to establish an idhr account?

If your IDHR Number is current/valid, and you have not been notified of an upcoming renewal date, there is no deadline to establish your online account; yet we encourage vendors to follow the prompts in your email notification. With questions about this process, contact IDHR’s Public Contracts Unit at [email protected] .