Why does Salem turn bad in Army of Two?

Why does Salem turn bad in Army of Two?

While in Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Salem went insane after a seemingly fatal incident which caused his partner and two members of Alpha and Bravo to abandon him to save Fiona. This caused him to become the main antagonist of the third game alongside his boss, Bautista.

What happened to Rios and Salem?

Salem murdered Fiona, and nearly killed Rios. However, Alpha and Bravo still pursued him, and eventually got into a fight in a courtyard. Shortly after, his vehicle was destroyed, leading to his capture and imprisonment.

Who is the bad guy in Army of Two?

Phillip Clyde is an antagonist in Army of Two. He first appears to be a supporting character, though he is unpleasant to be around.

What happened to Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel?

The game received mediocre reviews; criticism was drawn towards the game’s removal of the co-op interactions, being only able to play as Alpha, and the game’s story. The Devil’s Cartel was also a commercial failure for Electronic Arts, eventually leading to Visceral Games’ closure in 2017.

What happened to the army of two series?

So what happened to Army of Two? In the minds of fans, it only ever had two games and then blissfully passed on from this world. But in the real world, there was a third….Army of Two.

Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Third-person Shooter

Is there ever gonna be another Army of Two?

We all know there won’t be another Army of TWO game.

Who are the main characters in Army of Two Devil’s Cartel?

Tyson Rios.

  • Alice Murray.
  • Fiona.
  • Esteban Bautista.
  • Who voices Salem in Army of Two?

    Interestingly, the Army of TWO games have had a rotating cast: the main duo of the series, Salem and Rios, have each been voiced by three different actors (including The Devil’s Cartel), one of which was infamous video game voice actor Nolan North.

    How did Rios get his scar?

    In fact, he mentions his scar in the title track of his latest album, “Accidental S–t Talking.” “Burned my face tryna cook fries and left a light scar,” he raps on the track. As it turns out, the line about making fries really did happen.