Why does ESPN app say I am not authorized to view content?

Why does ESPN app say I am not authorized to view content?

It’s intentional. ESPN knows that people share accounts so they think by giving you the error every few months making you sign in will deter sharing logins.

How do I authorize my ESPN app?

Download and launch the ESPN app to your mobile or tablet device. Launch the ESPN app and log in using your ESPN.com credentials. The first time you try to stream any content you will be prompted to log in with the username and password your TV provider issued.

Why is the ESPN app not working?

If the ESPN app keeps crashing, try restarting your device. Restarting the device will make sure it is running on the latest software. This will also install any updates to the ESPN app. If the app continues to crash after restarting your device, here are two other suggestions to try.

How do I re authenticate watch ESPN on my computer?

Helpful answers

  1. Turn off Wifi on your device.
  2. Go to Settings, locate WatchESPN and select Reset Authentication.
  3. Open WatchESPN using cellular, 3G, LTE, etc.
  4. Once you’ve successfully logged in turn your device’s Wifi back on and you should be good!

What does it mean when your cable box says not authorized?

The Not Authorized error message will appear on your TV when you are trying to view channels that are not included with your subscription. This error can also occur when channels have recently been added to your TV box but the signal for the update has not yet been received.

Why can’t I watch videos on ESPN?

Video can take several seconds display or you may be running a content filter, antivirus application or proxy accelerator that is preventing the streaming of video content. Please turn off these services and try again. If the problem persists, please contact ESPN Customer Care.

Why is my ESPN Plus video not working?

The most common problem is ESPN Plus not working, which is found on all platforms. The most common reasons for ESPN Plus not working are outage, faulty or slow internet connection, or malicious data and cache.