Why do they wear the same clothes on Hardcore Pawn?

Why do they wear the same clothes on Hardcore Pawn?

The film crew/director works things out with them and approves the item being sold/pawned or gives them something different. Then they send the person in. It’s scripted by everyone except Les, Ashley and Seth. So basically, they (those three) do not know who is coming in or what they’re bringing in.

Why Hardcore Pawn was canceled?

Series cancellation During season 9, truTV decided not to order more episodes because of the network’s new direction. truTV was concentrating on comedy programming and it was decided that Hardcore Pawn did not relate properly to other programs in the network’s schedule.

What happened to Ashley Gold Hardcore Pawn?

Ashley Gold of “Hardcore Pawn” fame is branching out on her own. The Bloomfield Township resident, who spent nine seasons on the popular reality TV show, is now hawking jewelry through her own website at www.pawnchickshopping.com, which she describes as online shopping destination for men and women.

Are the scenes in Hardcore Pawn staged?

For any reality show, one question gets asked frequently: is it faked, and if so, how much of it is faked? There’s even a video of the Les and Ashley addressing the question directly. “Our show gets filmed at American Jewelry and Loan when we are open from 9:30-6, six days a week. We are 100% real.

What age is Seth Gold?

40 years (February 23, 1981)Seth Gold / Age

What is Seth Gold doing now?

Seth and Les Gold, the co-owners of American Jewelry & Loan who are known for their reality TV show “Hardcore Pawn,” are preparing to expand their business Downriver. As with the business’ other locations, customers will be able to pawn jewelry, lawn equipment, electronics, TVs, video games, fur coats and more.

How much was the Burmese ruby on Hardcore Pawn worth?

Broad looked through the bag and found a Burmese ruby, which a certified gemologist appraised at $10,000.

Where is Seth gold now?

Seth Gold – Seth Gold is a pawnbroker and reality television personality whose family owns and operates American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, Michigan, USA.