Why do people find Jesus memes funny?

Why do people find Jesus memes funny?

Because everybody has their own views and beliefs and nobody is right or wrong. But whether you’re a Christian or not, one thing we can probably all agree on is that Jesus memes are funny.

What are some Jesus memes for adults?

Do you have a moment to spare to talk about Jesus Christ?” 20) Jesus memes for adults! “When you finally accept Jesus into you.” “I beat death! That’s cute.” 22) In that case, did Jesus create Christian memes? “*Creation of the kangaroo* God: Okay so the deer was a big hit let’s work off that.

Are We nearing the end of Christian Jesus memes?

62) Oh no! We’ve almost reached the end of Christian Jesus memes. “Trying to fix my life without the help of Gold like.” “Turns water into a protein shake.” “Jesus Christ…verified. Checkmate, atheists.” “Was Christian before Christianity.”

Why is Jesus so popular in Latin America?

Jesus is a popular Latin American name owing to the popularity and widespread nature of Catholicism in Latin American countries. An entire 82.7% of Mexicans are Catholic; somewhere between 70-90% of Argentines are Catholic; around 73% of Spaniards are Catholic, and the list goes on across the Spanish-speaking world.

What are some of the best Christian memes?

1) Let the Christian Jesus memes begin! “17-year-old girl struck by lightning while masturbating. Christ is watching.” “When a parent tells me their kids an angel. [Whispering] So was Lucifer.” 3) Turning water into wine with Jesus memes.

How do you know Jesus Is Watching You?

Put God first in anything you do, always have it at the back of your mind that Jesus is watching you. If you have a friend that loves watching porn, you can use this meme to tell them that Jesus is sees everything they are doing. Jesus is watching, and he sees everything we are doing, there is nothing hidden from him.