Why did you choose this topic answer?

Why did you choose this topic answer?

We chose this topic because we think it’s one of the major issues in the world and our community today. Many of the youth has faced health issues and some even have risked their lives to continue doing this act.

Why did you choose this university?

“I chose to go to a large university because I like being part of a diverse student body. “I chose to go to a large university because I wanted to maximize my post-college opportunities while still in school. We have a vast alumni network, and this helped me land a great summer internship.”

What is choosing a topic?

Selecting a Topic The ability to develop a good research topic is an important skill. An instructor may assign you a specific topic, but most often instructors require you to select your own topic of interest. define your topic as a focused research question. research and read more about your topic.

What is your topic or message?

The topic is the broad, general theme or message. It is what some call the subject. The main idea is the “key concept” being expressed. Details, major and minor, support the main idea by telling how, what, when, where, why, how much, or how many.

Why is choosing a topic important?

A good topic will not only interest your audience, but also give you the ability to give a great speech that your audience will applaud.

When choosing a topic you want to what?

1. Choose a subject area that interests you and that will interest the readers. Try to avoid topics that are overly used such as abortion or gun control. It is important to choose a topic that is academic in nature – something that people will be doing research on.

Which is the most important factor when choosing a topic for your speech?

As you begin to think about choosing your topic, there are a few key factors to consider. These include the purpose of the speech, its projected time length, the appropriateness of the topic for your audience, and your knowledge or the amount of information you can access on the topic.

How do you choose a topic for a presentation?

There are several things to consider on the consideration of the audience while choosing a good presentation topic:You must consider your audience. The education level is important in the presentation. What are the needs of your audience? Demographics: Consider the age, gender, and race of your audience.

Why should you focus on choosing a topic in which you have an interest rather than a topic in which you are an expert?

An expert area is one where you have knowledge that most people do not. Choosing an expert area for a topic has an advantage because you already have the knowledge, which makes it easier to explain to an audience.

Why is it important to know your audience?

Why is it important to know your audience? Knowing your audience helps you figure out what content and messages people care about. Once you have an idea of what to say, knowing your audience also tells you the appropriate tone and voice for your message.

How should you start your topic selection process?

Brainstorming: develop list of topics….Consider the Assignment: Topic you select meets your instructor’s criteria.Consider your Audience: It will interest them, something listeners need to know about for their own or society’s benefit, likely inspire/entertain/emotionally move your audience.

What are the two things you need to remember about your audience?

10 Things You Must Know About Your Audience!…1. Who is your audience?How old are they?What is their education?Where do they live?Where do they work?What do they do for fun?What is their lifestyle?Where do they hangout when not at work?Where do they hangout when online?

How much do we remember from a presentation?

There have been various studies conducted on this, and the most generous results we’ve seen are as follows: Immediately after the presentation, the audience remembered 50% of what was said. By the next day, the audience remembered 25% A week later, the audience remembered just 10%

What you need to know about your audience?

Knowing your audience —their general age, gender, education level, religion, language, culture, and group membership—is the single most important aspect of developing your speech.

How do you know who is your audience?

7 ways to get to know your audience betterDo your research in advance. Look at your competitors. Create a customer persona. Get to know your clients personally. Monitor reader comments and engagements. Witness external social habits. Conduct surveys.