Why did Delta leave The Voice Australia?

Why did Delta leave The Voice Australia?

Goodrem’s exit from The Voice gave her more time to focus on music – with her latest album, Bridge Over Troubled Dreams, hitting number one in May this year. A national tour to support the record – delayed several times due to Covid lockdowns – is finally scheduled to take place in March next year.

Why isn’t Delta on The Voice this year?

Taking to Instagram, Delta revealed she wouldn’t be returning in 2021, instead announcing an exciting new venture starting her own production company, Atled Productions (presumably named as such because it is Delta spelt backwards) and will continue to work with Channel Nine.

Why did Kelly leave The Voice Australia?

“Kelly is in hot demand all over the world, so it’s hard anchoring herself to a show like this,” says a source. “She’s had a fantastic run, scooped up a winner and is in love with Australia, but she’s ready to move on,” explains the insider.

Why has Channel 7 got The Voice?

The Voice was the show Australians wanted and the show Australians needed in 2021.” The reference to the show being ‘old and tired’ was a dig at rival Channel 9, which let the show go after a nine-year run in 2020. “Seven had picked up a show that others said was finished and breathed life into it.

Why is Kelly Rowland Not on The Voice 2021?

According to a source who spoke to New Idea magazine, George and Kelly will also join dumped hosts Darren McMullen and Renee Bargh. “Seven are going for local coaches only, which means no more Kelly Rowland or Boy George, or overseas celebrities Zooming in,” they told the publication.

What has happened to Natalie Imbruglia?

After the failure of Come to Life, Imbruglia took a six-year hiatus from music, shifting her focus back to acting. Imbruglia moved to Los Angeles and hired acting coach Ivana Chubbuck. She appeared in three movies over the next five years, Closed for Winter (2009), Underdogs (2013) and Among Ravens (2014).

Where is Delta in The Voice Australia?

Delta Goodrem shocked fans when she announced that she wouldn’t be returning to The Voice in 2021, having served as a coach since season one in 2012. The Australian superstar has now opened up about her decision to step away from the singing competition when it moved from Channel Nine to Channel Seven this year.