Why Casabella Ceramiche?

Why Casabella Ceramiche?

Casabella Ceramiche offers a wide range of products that are able to meet the various needs of contemporary living. Collections in stone-, concrete- and wood- effect finishes for interiors and exteriors, capable of interpreting both traditional and contemporary furnishing styles.

Why aquatex water conditioning?

AquaTex Water Conditioning, Inc., provides Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast regions with reliable Kinetico water systems. Kinetico drinking water, water softener and water filter systems offered by AquaTex limit cleaning time, keep skin and hair soft and radiant and even lengthen appliance life.

Why choose aquatex as your Kinetico dealer?

As an authorized independent Kinetico dealer, AquaTex delivers the highest quality water reliably and to the most exacting standards for companies of every size. Non-electric water softeners by Kinetico operate 24/7 with high flow rates to efficiently treat hard water. AquaTex customizes every water filter to your specific water problem.