Why Annabel Lee is a good poem?

Why Annabel Lee is a good poem?

The popularity of the poem lies in the fact that it represents love in its most pure form. “Annabel Lee” as a Representation of Love: The young speaker, very artistically, draws the picture of his eternal love. Many years ago, he lived happily in a kingdom with his beloved, Annabel Lee.

Why do angels envy the narrator and Annabel Lee?

Retrospectively, the speaker believes that the angels, unhappy in heaven and envious of the love between him and Annabel Lee, caused the wind that killed her. Their love, says the speaker, was more powerful than the love between people older and wiser than them.

How does Annabel Lee die in the poem?

The narrator of the poem declares that Annabel Lee died because their love was so strong the angels grew jealous and killed her. Poe wrote Annabel Lee two years after his wife died of tuberculosis at age 24. The poem ends with the narrator going to the sea and looking up to the heavens.

What did Annabel Lee’s highborn relatives do to her?

In this kingdom by the sea. Narrowly speaking, this passage tells us that Annabel Lee’s kinsmen buried her in a sepulchre—a small room, usually carved out of a rock, in which dead people are entombed. The poem also says Annabel Lee’s kinsmen “bore her away” from the narrator.

What made life meaningful to the narrator of Annabel Lee?

They were young, innocent and in love. Why would angels one Annabel Lee? What made life meaningful to the narrator of the poem? The wind made by the angels because they were jealous of her love.

What does the sea symbolize in Annabel Lee?

the ocean in this poem as being huge and lonely and cold. It’s a nice reflection of the emptiness and desolation that the speaker feels now that he has lost Annabel.

What is the relationship of the speaker of the poem to Annabel Lee?

Answer and Explanation: Furthermore, the speaker refers to Annabel as his “bride” in the sixth stanza, which supports the fact that they were married. The relationship between the speaker and Annabel Lee is clearly a marriage built on love and admiration.

What is the overall tone of Annabel Lee?

The tone in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee” is overall nostalgic, with a eulogistic fairy tale love story tone.