Who writes the Lancet?

Who writes the Lancet?

The Lancet has been owned by Elsevier since 1991, and its editor-in-chief since 1995 is Richard Horton. The journal has editorial offices in London, New York, and Beijing….The Lancet.

Publication details
Publisher Elsevier (United Kingdom)
Frequency Weekly
Open access Delayed
Impact factor 79.321 (2020)

Is the Lancet a reputable publication?

The Lancet is an internationally trusted source of clinical, public health, and global health knowledge. The Lancet has an Impact Factor of 79·321 and ranks second among 169 general and internal medicine journals globally (2020 Journal Citation Reports ®, (Clarivate 2021).

Is the Lancet planetary health peer reviewed?

The Lancet Planetary Health seeks to be the pre-eminent journal for enquiry into sustainable human civilisations in the Anthropocene. The journal publishes peer reviewed original research and expert reviews as well as candid commentary and breaking news broadly encompassing sustainable development (the SDG?

How do you reference The Lancet?

Format your citation in the following format if you are referencing an article from “The Lancet” website and following MLA style guidelines: Author’s Last, First. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal volume number. issue number (Year of Publication): pages.

How do I submit articles to Lancet journal?

Submit Introduction Once you are ready to submit your manuscript to the Lancet family of journals, please click on the submit button under the relevant journal title. This will take you through to the manuscript submission system where you will be able to upload your manuscript.

Are all lancet articles peer reviewed?

All original research articles published in the Lancet journals have undergone independent, external peer review, including statistical review. If the paper is a randomised controlled trial, peer reviewers will also have access to the trial protocol.

What is the full form of Lancet?

Acronym. Definition. LANCET. Looking at North Carolina Educational Technology.

What is Lancet planetary health?

The Lancet Planetary Health, is a gold open access journal that seeks to be the pre-eminent journal for enquiry into sustainable human civilisations in the Anthropocene.

What is the difference between one health and planetary health?

Planetary Health focuses mainly on human health (3), while the other two approaches have a broader perspective. Zinsstag et al. (1) state that One Health mainly treat animal and human health while EcoHealth mainly focuses on the relation between health and ecosystems.

Is the Lancet a scholarly journal?

Publishing Excellence: introduction From peer review, through our in-house editing process, production, to publication and beyond, the entire Lancet team brings a wealth of expertise in scholarly publishing.

How do you reference Vancouver style?

When using the Vancouver style, the reference list should be in numerical order and each number matches and refers to the one in the text. The list should be at the end of your work. Books, paper or electronic journal articles, etc., are written in a particular format that must be followed.