Who was Patriots QB in 2004?

Who was Patriots QB in 2004?

Tom Brady

Pos Player GS
QB Tom Brady* 16
RB Corey Dillon* 14
WR Deion Branch 9
WR David Givens 12

What team was Tom Brady on in 2004?

New England Patriots

2004 New England Patriots season
Pro Bowlers QB Tom Brady LB Tedy Bruschi RB Corey Dillon ST Larry Izzo DT Richard Seymour K Adam Vinatieri
AP All-Pros DT Richard Seymour (1st team) K Adam Vinatieri (1st team) LB Tedy Bruschi (2nd team) SS Rodney Harrison (2nd team)
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Who is number 3 on the Patriots?

Jake Bailey
Jake Bailey was selected by the New England Patriots in the fifth round (165th overall) of the 2019 NFL Draft.

What nationality is Tedy Bruschi?

AmericanTedy Bruschi / Nationality

How many games did Tom Brady play for the Patriots?

Brady started 363 games (316 regular season, 47 playoff) in 22 seasons, the most for an NFL quarterback. His first 20 seasons were with the Patriots, which is also the most for an NFL quarterback with one franchise.

What teams played in the 2004 Super Bowl?

The Patriots defeated the Panthers by a score of 32–29. The game was played at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, on February 1, 2004. At the time, this was the most watched Super Bowl ever with 144.4 million viewers.

Who wore number 52 for the Patriots?

LB Brandon Copeland
52 — LB Brandon Copeland.

Who is 2 on the Patriots?

cornerback Jalen Mills
Patriots cornerback Jalen Mills, a.k.a. the Green Goblin, hopes his hair, his special-order cleats, and his No. 2 jersey pay sufficient tribute to a lost loved one.