Who was in the Oracion Seis?

Who was in the Oracion Seis?


Name Rank Status
Brain/Zero Guild Master Active
Klodoa Magic Weapon Unknown
Midnight Mage Active
Cobra Mage Active

Does the Oracion Seis join Fairy Tail?

The Oración Seis arc ( 六魔将軍 オラシオンセイス Orashion Seisu) is the ninth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. Fairy Tail opts to form an alliance with Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Cait Shelter in order to destroy one-third of the Balam Alliance: the Dark Guild Oración Seis.

Who is the strongest member of the Oracion Seis?

Fairy Tail – Strongest Characters (Oracion Seis Arc)

  1. Jellal Fernandes.
  2. Jura Neekis.
  3. Natsu Dragneel.
  4. Brain.
  5. Midnight.
  6. Gray Fullbuster.
  7. Cobra.
  8. Hoteye.

Who defeated reborn Oracion Seis?

Fairy Tail
However, the Reborn Oración Seis failed in their goal because they were eventually defeated by Fairy Tail and Legion Corps.

What happened to the Oracion Seis?

It was destroyed by Natsu.

Does Natsu beat Oracion Seis?

Outcome: Oración Seis is victorious.

Who defeated Cobra Fairy Tail?

Natsu tells Happy to drop him on top of Cobra. Happy tries to protest but Natsu forces him to agree, planning to finish the battle with one move. Cobra defeated by Natsu’s roar Cobra is able to hear that Natsu is planning to use a Full Power Dragon Roar and readies himself to end the fight himself.

Does jellal join Fairy Tail?

Jellal, disguised as Mystogan, with Fairy Tail’s B-Team Much to Team Natsu’s surprise, Jellal enters the Grand Magic Games as a representative of Fairy Tail; disguised as Mystogan — with Makarov’s permission — Jellal becomes a member of Team Fairy Tail B, all in order to get closer to the grounds.