Who uses magic in DC?

Who uses magic in DC?

15 Most Powerful Magic-Using Superheroes In DC Comics

  • 15 Wonder Woman.
  • 14 John Constantine.
  • 13 Ragman.
  • 12 Jakeem Thunder.
  • 11 Witchfire.
  • 10 Sargon The Sorcerer.
  • 9 Silver Sorceress.
  • 8 Raven.

Who is the best magic user in DC?

DC Comics: The Strongest Magic Users, Ranked

  1. 1 The Spectre. God’s Spirit of Vengeance, the Spectre would replace Eclipso.
  2. 2 Eclipso. Once God’s Spirit of Wrath, Eclipso enjoyed his job.
  3. 3 The Wizard Shazam.
  4. 4 Phantom Stranger.
  5. 5 Doctor Fate.
  6. 6 Mordru.
  7. 7 Circe.
  8. 8 Zatanna.

Can anyone do magic in DC?

Yes in both Marvel and DC in theory anyone can learn magic. With that being said most of the characters who practice it in both universes have either powers, an innate ability to learn it or some kind of gene to help facilitate their use of magic.

Is Constantine the strongest magic user?

7 CONSTANTINE However, Constantine is one of the most powerful human sorcerers in the DC Universe with a vast knowledge of the mystic arts that includes various rituals, charms, spells, and of course, tricks that he uses to survive the incredible events he finds himself in.

Who is the most powerful magic user?

Marvel’s Most Powerful Magic Users

  • Baron Mordo. Marvel Comics.
  • Doctor Voodoo. Marvel Comics.
  • Magik. Marvel Comics.
  • Hela. Marvel Comics.
  • Scarlet Witch. Marvel Comics.
  • Doctor Doom. Marvel Comics.
  • Doctor Strange. Marvel Comics.
  • Loki. Marvel Comics. As it turns out, the Asgardian god of lies isn’t just good at fibbing.

Who is the powerful magic user?

1 Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff Native Sokovian Wanda Maximoff was orphaned at a young age, born with the power to control chaos magic.

Can anyone learn magic Dr Strange?

Yes. Anyone can take the time to learn magic. To cast spells as easily Doctor Strange, or Baron Mordo can, you’d have to spend years of study. Magical artifacts like the Wand Of Watoomb, or the Staff of One, makes it easier to use magic, however without some understanding it could lead to problems later on.

Is DC magic stronger than Marvel magic?

In terms of actual potential, what one can do, the powers one can wield, then Magic in DC easily trumphs over the Power Cosmic of Marvel.

Who would win Zatanna vs Raven?

Wade Green Jr. Zatanna is more powerful than Raven. Zatanna being a homo-magi and Raven being half-demon both have the ability to directly access magic. However, Zatanna’s magic allows her to alter reality on a scale I have never seen Raven produce.