Who speaks the best English in GOT7?

Who speaks the best English in GOT7?

Jin-young is one of Got7’s multilingual members, along with Jackson, Mark and Bambam. He says he taught himself English so he could easily communicate with fans around the world and be able to answer questions in interviews. He has been known to prepare goodbye speeches in English during the group’s world tour.

Are GOT7 disbanding?

GOT7 DID NOT DISBAND! Their contract with JYP ended and they decided not to renew it, that’s it. They didn’t disband. They are still a group and they even released their single ENCORE after leaving JYP.

What is GOT7 fandom name?

I GOT7 (Hangul: 아이 갓세븐; shortened to Ahgase (Hangul: 아가새, literal translation: Baby bird)) is the official fandom name for South Korean boy group GOT7.

Is Jackson Wang mixed?

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Wang is actually of Chinese descent and attended the American International School, a private school in Hong Kong, prior to moving to South Korea to be K-pop trainee. He’s fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainese, Japanese and Korean.

What is Jackson Wang’s first language?

Wang’s native tongue is Cantonese, and he grew up around the local dialect of his mother’s native Shanghai. Upon entering the K-pop machine, he had to pick up Korean as a trade language.

Is GOT7 leaving JYP?

“From this point, the ‘leader’ role really starts.” JAY B added that he had a tough time “organising all sorts of documents” in the lead-up to GOT7’s departure from JYP in January, as well as the release of the song ‘Encore’ via Warner Music Korea in February.

Was GOT7 mistreated by JYP?

Unfortunately for GOT7 , although their sales did somewhat increase , they were meagre for a boy group for JYP . Digitally they were not even in the top 50 . As a result they received mistreatment from their company . Note that these are only physical sales where girl groups usually lag far behind from boy groups .

Why is Ahgase green?

The fan community original name was igot7, but because igot7 sounds like baby bird (ahgase) in Korean, the word has been changed to ahgase. The colour of Got7 was also platinum, but it was changed to green due to the bird.

Who is leader of GOT7?

Jay B
Jay B, leader of GOT7, recently released his new EP titled SOMO:FUME. The singer has now revealed his fellow members’ reactions to it. GOT7 leader Jay B reveals Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom’s reactions to SOMO:FUME.

Who is the Centre of GOT7?

Jinyoung: Vocalist, rapper, visual, center, face of the group. 26-year-old Jinyoung is equally caring and sassy to his members. He’s one-half of the parental figures of GOT7, the other being JB. Jinyoung is an all-around talent and effortlessly delivers whether on stage or on cam.