Who scored the first own goal?

Who scored the first own goal?

Manuel Rosas, 1930. Manuel Rosas of Mexico has the unfortunate title of being the player who scored the first own goal in World Cup history. During the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930, Rosas turned the ball into his own net as Mexico were beaten 3-0 by Chile.

What is the own goal rule?

In association football, an own goal occurs when a player causes the ball to go into their own team’s goal, resulting in a goal being scored for the opposition. The Laws do not stipulate any rules or procedures for crediting goals to players, and indeed such records are not a compulsory part of the game.

Who scored the most English goals?

Arthur Rowley
List of players

Rank Player Goals
1 Arthur Rowley 434
2 Dixie Dean † 379
3 Jimmy Greaves † 357
4 Steve Bloomer † 352

Who has scored the most own goals in the Champions League?

Champions League + European Cup » All-time scorers (own goals) » rank 1 – 50

Player Team(s) own goal
Iván Helguera Real Madrid 2
Jardel SL Benfica 2
Phil Jones * Manchester United 2
Thomas Kleine Bayer Leverkusen 2

Which Liverpool player has scored the most own goals?

Most Premier League Own Goals: The Players

  • 10 Own Goals. Richard Dunne. Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa & QPR.
  • 7 Own Goals. Jamie Carragher. Liverpool.
  • 6 Own Goals. Ryan Shawcross. Stoke City.

Who is the youngest player to score for England?

Michael Owen
Michael Owen rose to international prominence at the 1998 World Cup in France. In that tournament he became the youngest player and youngest goalscorer for England at the time.

Who is the highest Premier League goal scorer?

Alan Shearer

Rank Player Goals
1 Alan Shearer 260
2 Wayne Rooney 208
3 Andy Cole 187
4 Sergio Agüero 184

Who are the England players who have scored their own goals?

25 year-old right-half Philippe Bonnardel, making his 22nd appearance, headed into his own net when trying to prevent Arthur Dorrell’s shot from going in, shortly after the second half began. 21 year-old left-back Andre Rollet scored an own goal in the 55th minute to put England 4-0 up.

Who scored England’s opening own goal in the 2010 World Cup?

20 year-old debutant goalkeeper Henry Hibbott scored an opening 33rd minute own goal. William Brindle (or Francis Sparks) had only sent the ball in, Hibbott ‘stopped it but made a stumble and put it through’. 21 year-old debutant full-back William Eames put England 3-0 up with his own goal.

When does a goal become an own goal?

When the ball’s clearly heading in a different direction away from goal and a defender (including the goalkeeper) diverts it into goal, then it has to be an own goal. Some clarifications:

Who scored the own goal in the England v Russia match?

Captain Mark Wright scored an eleventh minute own goal after Tony Dorigo allowed Kolyvanov to cross from the right, Mikhailichenko chested the ball to Tatarchuk, who instantly shot at the goal. Wright’s foot deflected it past Chris Woods. The first time England have won, despite scoring an own goal.