Who plays Isabelle Palmer?

Who plays Isabelle Palmer?

Erin PittIsabelle Palmer / Played by
Cast. Erin Pitt as Isabelle Palmer, the 9-year-old protagonist of the film who loves dancing even though she struggles.

Who is Briar Nolet in Isabelle dances into the spotlight?

Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight (2014) – Briar Nolet as Ballet Class, Audition Dancers – IMDb.

Which American girl is a dancer?

American Girl’s 2017 Girl of the Year Is Gabriela McBride, Dancer and Poet. The new doll was revealed today on “Good Morning America.”

Are Briar and Myles engaged?

Myles Erlick Relationships : Myles Erlick is in a relationship at present. He has been dating Briar Nolet since he turned 13. Briar, who was born to Tamara Nolet and former Olympic gymnast Alan Nolet, is a Canadian dancer and actress.

Who is Myles Erlick married to?

Briar Anne Nolet (born December 27, 1998) is a Canadian dancer and actress, known for her role as Richelle on the Family series The Next Step.

Who was the American Girl Doll of 2016?

Lea Clark
Lea Clark | Girl of the Year 2016 | Play at American Girl.

Who are the actors in Isabelle Dances Into the spotlight?

Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight is a movie retelling the stories of Isabelle Palmer. Erin Pitt as Isabelle Palmer. Grace Davidson as Jade Palmer. Melora Hardin as Nancy Palmer. Jake Simons as Leo Palmer. Devyn Nikoda as Luisa. Genneya Walton as Renata. Tanya Howard as Jackie Sanchez.

Who is Isabelle from the bachelorette?

Nine-year-old Isabelle is an inspired dancer with a flair for fashion design. She’s thrilled to be studying ballet at a prestigious performing arts school, but her classmates are so talented – and she can’t help feeling that she’s always in the shadow of her “perfect” older sister, Jade.

How old are jade and Isabelle Palmer in the movie?

Cast Erin Pitt as Isabelle Palmer, the 9-year-old protagonist of the film who loves dancing even though she struggles. Apart from dancing, she loves sewing. Grace Davidson as Jade Palmer, Isabelle’s older sister who is 12 years old. She takes dancing very seriously, and is one of the best dancers at Anna Hart.

Who are the girls that Bully Isabelle in AHS?

Alyssa Trask as Emma, Renata’s friend who also bullies Isabelle when on by Renata’s side. She doesn’t have much dialogue throughout the film. Saara Chaudry as Chloe, a girl in a wheelchair who looks up to Isabelle. After watching Isabelle in the Halloween Benefit, she asked for an autograph.