Who played Tri Jema on Andromeda?

Who played Tri Jema on Andromeda?

Carmen Moore

Tri Jema
Age: 30
Status: Dead
Played By: Carmen Moore
Chronological and General Info

How does Dylan Hunt betray the Commonwealth?

At the Battle of Hephaistos, Dylan was betrayed by his first officer and best man, Gaheris Rhade. The men and women of his crew abandoned ship and he killed Gaheris in self-defence. The starship Andromeda was pulled near a black hole and experienced severe time dilation.

Why did Rev Bem leave Andromeda?

Though it is commonly said that Stait left Andromeda due to an allergic reaction to the prosthetics his character required, a 2011 interview revealed his departure was motivated by “physical exhaustion” from wearing the full Rev Bem costume.

How many seasons is Andromeda?

5Andromeda / Number of seasons

Who is the Magog god Andromeda?

The Spirit of the Abyss
Overview. The Spirit of the Abyss, or simply known as the Abyss, is an enigmatic entity that is the leader and god of the Magog. It is also the most frequent nemesis of the New Systems Commonwealth.

Why did trance lose her tail?

At the start of Season 2 in “Last Call at the Broken Hammer”, Trance loses her tail during a firefight and expresses her longing for its return in several subsequent episodes. Later in Ouroboros, Trance undergoes a physical transformation via the effects of a Tesseract machine, which folds space and time.

Why did Hamilton Cobb leave Andromeda?

He left the Andromeda TV series at the start of the fourth season, citing dissatisfaction over the development of his character.

What does the word Magog mean?

Definitions of Gog and Magog. biblical names of the enemies of God’s people who wage war against God at the end of the world. “in the Book of Ezekiel Gog is a ruler from the land of Magog but in the Book of Revelation Gog and Magog are nations under the rule of Satan” type of: mythical being.

What happened to Trance Gemini in Andromeda?

It was revealed that Trance Gemini was in fact the living avatar of the Tarn Vedra sun which had been designed to defeat the Abyss. At the beginning of the fifth series when all the characters had been split up, Trance Gemini is found in a Solar state and with memory loss of what had happened.