Who played Andrea on Boston Legal?

Who played Andrea on Boston Legal?

Alison La Placa
Alison La Placa (Andrea Michele) and John Larroquette (Carl Sack) previously appeared in Madhouse (1990) together.

Why did Brad Chase leave Boston Legal?

When Brad became suspicious that Denise was not sleeping with him exclusively, he grew agitated. After learning that she had also been sleeping with his rival, Jeffrey Coho, Brad realized that he was not willing to be used in such a way and terminated the arrangement.

Why did Tara Wilson leave Boston Legal?

Soon after a former lover of hers came to town, Tara was torn between the two of them and eventually broke it off with both of them realizing neither was right for her. Tara disappers from the series storyline soon after, the following episode being Rhona Mitra’s final episode on the show.

What happened to Lori Colson on Boston Legal?

Lori was one of the few lawyers on the show who didn’t date others from the office. Denny later apologized sincerely, after which Lori broke down, stating that she felt marginalized as an attorney due to all the sexual banter in the office and was beginning to feel insecure.

Is Alison La Placa mom?


Year Title Notes
2010 15 Minutes Television short
2011 Man Up! Episode: “Acceptance”
2012 Up All Night Episode: “Preschool Auction” (credited as Alison LaPlaca)
2014 Mom Episode: “Forged Resumes and the Recommended Dosage” (credited as Alison LaPlaca)

Did Denny Crane have a son?

Character played by: Freddie Prinze, Jr. Donny Crane, Denny’s son and an also an attorney, was introduced in episode “Catch and Release” as Denny Crane’s illegitimate son, the result of a one-night stand.

Does Denise marry Daniel Post?

Their relationship develops until he restarts his radiation therapy and then goes off to Europe, presumably to die. Daniel returns in the season finale, alive, and proposes to Denise.

Was Alan Shore a partner?

Alan Shore, during the show Boston Legal, is a lawyer at Crane, Poole, & Schmidt; After he was fired from his friend’s Ellenor Frutt’s Lawfirm Young, Frutt & Berluti by one of her partners Eugene Young….

Alan Shore
Spouse(s): Unnamed wife (deceased)
Domestic partner(s): Denny Crane

Why did Alan and Denny get married?

The highlight was the marriage of James Spader’s Alan and William Shatner’s Denny, who decided to tie the knot in Massachusetts for medical and financial reasons since Denny was facing Alzheimer’s. “Take my hand, Alan, take my money,” Denny urged his reluctant friend.

Who plays Rachels boss?

Mr. R. Zelner is Rachel Greene’s boss at Ralph Lauren Corporation. He was portrayed by Steve Ireland.

Who played Rachels boss?

Joanna Gleason made her first appearance as Rachel’s boss Kim Clozzi.