Who owns Sandro Paris?

Who owns Sandro Paris?

Evelyne Chétrite is the founder and artistic director of Sandro. Her younger sister, Judith Milgrom, is the founder and chief designer of also the French modemarke Maje. In shop-in-shop department stores one finds Sandro and Maje always side by side.

Where is Sandro made?

Sandro is a French clothing brand founded in 1984 that is part of the SCMP group which includes French brands Maje and Claudie Pierlot. Sandro specializes in ready-to-wear clothing and Paris culture-inspired styles for men. Their clothes are primarily manufactured in China and India.

What’s difference between Maje and Sandro?

Chétrite opened Sandro in 1984 with a collection of sophisticated staples, trousers, duster coats and high-neck tops (think polished insouciance and you’ve got it), while Maje, which followed in 1998, is more luxe Left Bank, with romantic bohemian pieces like floral-print dresses, billowy blouses and flared leather …

Is Sandro fast fashion?

French apparel brands—with names such as Sandro, Claudie Pierlot, the Kooples and Zadig & Voltaire—that focus on the upper-midprice clothing market, have built their strategy on bridging the gap between bargain-basement “fast fashion” purveyors and super-expensive designer clothing.

Is Sandro a French brand?

Sandro: The Parisian Brand That Makes That ‘French Girl’ Look A Reality. It seems like a cliche, but the French brand Sandro is très chic.

Is Sandro ethical?

Today, 43% of our collection is eco-responsible. We are aiming for over 60% eco-responsible products by 2025.

Is Sandro a designer?

Sandro Founder Evelyne Chetrite Is Hopeful for What Will Bloom in the Future. In 1984, Evelyne Chetrite and her husband, Didier, founded the French fashion brand Sandro. The industry was much different in the 1980s, but it has only grown to be more inclusive and expressive.

Is Maje a luxury brand?

Maje is an accessible luxury brand. It’s part of SMCP Group, a French company with four brands: Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot & De Fursac. All four are inspired by Parisian chic.

Is Sandro environmentally friendly?

Is Maje and Sandro same company?

An international dimension. The collections of our three Brands, Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot & Fursac are distributed in 43 countries. Paris is their starting point, the world their destination.

What is Sandro?

Sandro’s DNA is intimately related to Paris. Through its collections, the Brand expresses the essence of cool and chic Parisian spirit, the French effortless elegance, with a unique twist. Evelyne Chetrite, founder of Sandro The fashion house is located in the heart of Paris, where studios and ateliers conceive the collections.

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