Who owns Oakdale Golf Club?

Who owns Oakdale Golf Club?

Robbie Robinson. And now Ian Andrew. Three great Canadian golf designers had a hand in creating Oakdale. The property was initially a farm, and Thompson, the Dean of Canadian golf architects, was brought in to craft a design.

How old is Oakdale golf and Country Club?

Established in 1923, Oakdale Country Club is located in the western mountains of Maine. Its rolling hills offer scenic views and numerous golf challenges for golfers of every level. Its membership takes pride in this 9 hole course and welcomes the public to enjoy a round.

Who designed Oakdale golf?

architect Dr Alister MacKenzie
Designed by the world-renowned golf course architect Dr Alister MacKenzie in 1914, the course has two loops of 9 holes with a white course of 6,477 yards and a par of 71 and a red course of 5,513 yards with a par of 72.

How much is a membership at Loudoun golf and Country Club?

Family Weekday*(includes children/grandchildren 17 & under) $2325.00
Single Senior+ Full $1595.00
Single Senior+ Weekday* $1495.00
Family Senior+ Full (includes children/grandchildren 17 & under) $2550.00
Family Senior+ Weekday*(includes children/grandchildren 17 & under) $2395.00

How much does it cost to join Indian Wells Country Club?

Indian Wells Country Club in Indian Wells, CA – Golf Membership Fee: $25,000. Indian Wells Country Club in Indian Wells, CA – Golf Membership Monthly Dues: $1,070. Indian Wells Country Club Social & Fitness Initiation: $100 with $253 monthly dues.

How much does Bel Air Country Club cost?

Membership to Bel Air Country Club costs $13,500 with $85 for dues every month. The annual cost is equivalent to $163,020. Membership is via invite only, and guests have to be accompanied by members at all times. However, other sources indicate that the initiation fee for Bel Air Country Club costs $150,000.

How much does it cost to join Vintage Club?

The Vintage Club — Indian Wells, California The Vintage Club has an initiation fee of $250,000 in addition to an annual membership fee of $32,000.

Who designed Indian Wells Country Club?

architect Edward Durell Stone
In addition, the Balboa Bay Club/Indian Wells, designed by renowned architect Edward Durell Stone, opened its doors with a split-level clubhouse and four championship tennis courts.