Who owns Croome estate?

Who owns Croome estate?

Croome Heritage Trust
Croome Court is a mid-18th-century Neo-Palladian mansion surrounded by extensive landscaped parkland at Croome D’Abitot, near Upton-upon-Severn in south Worcestershire, England….

Croome Court
Owner Croome Heritage Trust
Management National Trust
Design and construction
Architect Lancelot “Capability” Brown

Do you have to pay to walk around Croome?

Membership or entry fee is required. Croome Court is extremely dog friendly as they are allowed everywhere except for the house and cafe but there is plenty of under cover seating outside the cafe by the car park.

How much is entry to Croome?


Gift Aid Standard
Adult £14.30 £13.00
Child £7.20 £6.50
Family £35.80 £32.50
Family (One Adult) £21.80 £19.50

Who owned Croome Court?

In 1999 Lawrence Bilton bought Croome Court and it once more became a private family home. In October 2007, the house was purchased by the Croome Heritage Trust, a registered charity, and the property is now leased to the National Trust for 999 years.

Is Croome Court free?

Entry and parking is free for members, but please bring your membership card with you.

When was Croome built?

The principal building at Croome, Croome Court, had been the home of the Coventry family since the 16th century, though the building in its current form was started in 1751.

Who is the current Earl of Coventry?

George Coventry
Earl of Coventry

Earldom of Coventry
Peerage Peerage of England
First holder George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, 1st Earl of Coventry (first creation)
Present holder George Coventry, 13th Earl of Coventry
Heir presumptive David Coventry

Can you picnic at Croome?

Nothing can beat a picnic on a sunny summer’s day at Croome with picnic spots to suit everyone in the parkland.

Can you cycle at Croome?

The trust describes the 2-2.5m wide trail as “a gentle family route designed for use all year round by cyclists, walkers, runners and users of mobility vehicles, who wish to visit Croome’s outer parkland”.

Where did the Earl of Coventry live?

Croome Court
The 9th Earl of Coventry took great pride in Croome Court and its estate of 15,000 acres, which was in his care for 71 years. He was not a moderniser, but did maintain the property to a high standard.

Who is the Duke of Coventry?


What is the difference between Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill?

Parkhouse Hill is 65 m shorter than Chrome Hill, but it’s still an impressive sight. As you descend there’s a great spot to stop for an iconic photo of Parkhouse Hill. Before you reach the tree near the gate, grab a photo. Continue all the way down to the road, cross over, then you can choose which route to take up Parkhouse Hill.

What to do on the Chrome Hill Walk?

The Chrome Hill walk goes in a clockwise direction from Hollinsclough, first taking you away from the hills but the beauty of this means you get to keep seeing them pop up in the distance. It’s always good to have something to aim for.

Who owns Croome Court in Worcestershire?

The National Trust owns the surrounding parkland, which is also open to the public. Croome Court is located near to Croome D’Abitot, in Worcestershire, near Pirton, Worcestershire.

What is the history of Worcestershire architecture?

It was Brown’s “first flight into the realms of architecture” and a “rare example of his architectural work”, and it is an important and seminal work. It was built between 1751 and 1752, and it and Hagley Hall are considered to be the finest examples of Neo-Palladian architecture in Worcestershire.